FitnessGym Owners: 5 Ways To Create A Frictionless Member Experience

Gym Owners: 5 Ways To Create A Frictionless Member Experience

What do your members want from your gym? Of course, they want a place to exercise and other benefits a gym can offer, such as social interaction and a place to de-stress. Nonetheless, they could go to a variety of places and businesses to exercise or receive these other benefits. What can help your gym satisfy them with the best experience possible? The answer is ensuring that the member experience is smoothe.

Ultimately, member interactions with your gym should be easy and enjoyable – as frictionless as possible. How do you achieve this? Here are five ways:

1. Facilitate Gym Engagement

People sign up for gym memberships with a desire to exercise, yet it’s easy for life to make the commitment difficult. Ease the process for them through methods like:

  • Send reminders through a gym app or emails to return to the gym regularly.
  • Provide real-time information on class times, trainer session times and instructors, with easy ways to register online.

2. Make Payments Easy

People have enough bills to worry about in their lives, and they don’t want to add their gym dues to the list. Plus, each time a member faces an aggravating or inconvenient payment is a chance for them to reconsider their membership altogether.

Instead, make payments as simple as possible. How?

  • Offer convenient ways to pay, such as online through your website or through your gym app.
  • Set up automatic ACH transfers that conveniently take membership dues from a bank account rather than needing any extra steps on the member’s part.

3. Create a Hybrid Experience

Provide a hybrid fitness experience, just as many aspects of our lives, such as healthcare and work, are shifting to a hybrid model that combines digital and in-person components. You can help your members work out more often by creating a great gym experience for when they want to come in, as well as offering digital fitness options like streamed classes for working out at home.

4. Incorporate Technology

Today, more people than ever are interested in fitness technology. Your gym can incorporate fitness tech into your offerings. For example, consider having your own fitness app and providing members with machines that are compatible with fitness tracking wearables. You will benefit members by allowing them to track their workouts and vitals, use inventive motivational techniques and connect their gym experience with their other health efforts.

5. Provide Excellent Customer Service

As with any business interaction, members want to feel satisfied rather than frustrated whenever they have an experience with your brand. A frictionless customer service experience can make the difference between retaining and losing a member. How can you improve your gym’s customer experience? Try these tips:

  • Offer many points of contact, such as a phone number, email address, social media messaging, chat options, and automated voice support.
  • Provide ways to get in touch outside of gym hours through support specialists and technology.
  • Include a balance of technology and human communication to offer the best customer service.
  • Create a website experience that considers the next step a person would want to take at each moment, facilitating a positive online user experience.
  • Offer answers to common questions and support for problems.
  • Have sufficient support staff to assist gym-goers in person as needed.
  • Use technology like gym management software to create smooth systems that improve the overall gym experience and free up time for staff to focus on members more than administrative tasks.

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