Sell More Gym Memberships

Owning a fitness gym is a lucrative business venture that can be very rewarding if managed well. Paramount Acceptance provides a seamless software system that is sure to help you increase your sales and manage every detail of your company. Effectively run your gym with software that will make accounting for membership sales and monthly payments easy and simple. It can even assist your employees with scheduling personal training sessions, classes, group training, and much more.

Paramount Acceptance Software System

Your sales will see a great increase when you’re able to nurture your leads and run the rest of your business from one convenient platform. We will provide you a dashboard to more easily communicate with current and potential customers. Access membership information with the click of a button, compile data and generate useful reports that will inform you on your business trajectory. Our software allows you to keep track of your inventory and revenue in an easy to review point-of-sale system.

Give your gym member’s a way to manage their account and easily make payments online. In addition, they’ll be able to schedule their own personal training sessions, classes and child care arrangements. Having an overview of what’s going on in your facility at any given time will allow your employees to better organize their time for cleaning and maintenance work. Our software gives you access to effective marketing tools, membership contracts and customer contact information all in one place.

Increase Your Gym Membership Sales Today

Paramount Acceptance offers comprehensive gym ownership solutions that are proven to increase sales. We have over 45 years’ experience with gym management and software that owners depend on to boost their memberships. If you’re a gym owner looking for a way to sell more memberships, learn more about what we can do for your business. Call us today at 800.316.4444 for more information or contact us here for a free demo.