Member Management

PULSE Member Management software helps you easily manage every aspect of your members’ needs with a well-designed page where all pertinent information is organized beautifully. Track member profiles, payment information, visit history, signed documents, and more. You can even customize your Member Management Software to fit your own club’s needs.

Digital Sign-ups

Members can easily sign up on the go from anywhere with an internet connection. This is a major benefit to Paramount Acceptance’s membership management software. Even when future club members sign up in person, it’s a streamlined process for your staff to get them started.

Member Details

See everything you need to know at a glance. On the screen, you’ll have the member’s photo for identification and their name so you can provide a personal experience. Additionally, their account status, billing information, upcoming bookings, and more are right there. Updating member information is super easy, too. 

Account Details

Our membership management software is made to make your administrative tasks easier. You can view your members’ account activities, which include payments, balances, and charges. Invoices are also stored within the system


Our gym membership software integrates the communication solutions you need, such as email and SMS. You can also view all communication history with clients, add photos, contracts and forms.

Booking Services

Bookings for additional services can be made and scheduled in real time. This will be stored within the membership management software so that a member can track their own progress through an online portal. This is where you can deliver great experiences for your members.

Access Control

Access control is one of the features that most gym owners love about our membership management software. Through this, you can control areas within your gym by granting or limiting certain access to members. This can be used for things like setting access on doors based on hours, changing access to women only or different access parameters based on membership types. Access can even be stalled based on account status.

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