We’re excited to introduce you to the Members portion of Pulse, Paramount’s web-based club management solution. The members section is the home base for much of what happens on your members’ accounts. Here you can easily manage almost every aspect of your client’s needs. With Paramount Acceptance’s gym membership management database software, it’s easier now to take care of your club members.

Every health club is one-of-a-kind in its own way. That’s why we’ve made our membership management software highly configurable to your gym’s needs. Whether you’re a local studio with a small membership base or a multiple-location chain of popular gyms, Paramount Acceptance believes that your positivity reflects both ways for you and your membership base. So, we’ve made sure that everything you need is easily accessible, reducing hassle, along with great features to help your gym or fitness studio generate success.


Going paperless has become the norm, and with our software for gym membership management, it will now be easier for members to sign up for your gym memberships.

With Paramount Acceptance you can save time, space, costs, and minimize your carbon footprint with online contracts. The world has been operating in the digital age for some time, and your gym should be integrated with it. With Paramount Acceptance, your members can sign up for memberships without any printed contracts.

How does it work? Your new member can sign up one of two ways: with a member of your team (in-person), or through online from the comfort of their home. What are the benefits of our membership management software?

    • Members can sign up on the go from anywhere: Wherever there is an internet connection, members can sign up easily. This is a major benefit to Paramount Acceptance’s membership management software. Even when future club members sign up in person, it’s a streamlined process for your staff to get them started.
    • Control from any device: Our gym membership software works with any device (smartphones and tablets included), and this gives you creative control when it comes to signing new members to your gym. It also makes it super convenient for people to sign up themselves.
    • Making your services convenient: Since members can sign themselves up, a new member can easily choose a program, give you their details, and agree to your contract online. This has greatly benefited gyms that are close to opening since they’ve been able to book presales.


Our membership management software provides you with a well-designed page where all pertinent information is organized beautifully. All the tools and features you need are right there, which makes your job easier, and you can enjoy running your gym without any hassle. This is easy to navigate and very efficient for everyday use. You can even customize what you offer members and set things around the parameters you’re using. Here are some highlights:

      • Member Details: Know everything you need to know at a glance. On the screen, you’ll have the member’s photo for identification and their name so you can provide a personal experience. It also helps prevent any type of fraud. Additionally, their account status, billing information, upcoming bookings, and more are right there. Updating member information is super easy too.
      • Adding a new membership is easy thanks to our membership management software. There’s even a way to organize types of memberships. This can be extremely helpful if you offer promotions, packages, alternate rates, and additional services based on different locations. It’s an easy way for franchise gyms to stay organized. Our gym membership software is designed to work for your individual needs, no matter what they are.
      • Account Details: Our membership management software is made to make your administrative tasks easier. You can view your members’ account activities, which include payments, balances, and charges. Invoices are also stored within the system.
      • Billing Information: With an organized page layout, billing won’t be confusing. You can easily set up and change members’ billing details in a short amount of time. You can learn more about billing here.
      • Communication: Our gym membership software integrates the communication solutions you need, such as email and SMS. You can also view all communication history with clients. Within this, photos, contracts, forms, and doctor’s notes can be uploaded as well.
      • Services: Bookings for additional services can be made and scheduled in real time. This will also be stored within the membership management software so that a member can even track their own progress through an online portal. This is where you can deliver great experiences for your members, and it’s all done conveniently with our gym membership software.


With our gym membership software, your club members can take the charge and self-manage their own bookings. This software is super convenient for everyone. Paramount Acceptance gives you the ability to decide which features your members can access and use within the member portal. Through the member portal, club members can:

        • View, edit, and book with group classes and with trainers
        • Update their personal and billing details
        • View their growth and progress
        • View their personal training programs, including access to various resources for their benefit
        • Subscribe and unsubscribe from emails and SMS
        • Send feedback back to your gym


Access control is one of the features that most gym owners love about our membership management software. Through this you can control things within your gym by granting and limiting certain access to people. What are some examples of access control?

        • Access certain doors for certain hours, for off-peak memberships, or closing times
        • Set doors accessible only by women for women’s workout areas or changing rooms
        • Access parameters on membership type, such as allowing certain memberships access to enter the pool gates or allowing access for limited memberships
        • Access can be stalled based on account status
        • Deactivate memberships that are on hold, or upon entry to the gym, reinstating billing as usual
        • Easily check members into their booking when they enter your facility.


For over four decades, Paramount Acceptance has provided high-quality software systems for fitness centers, and our products keep evolving to meet the demands of today. Our membership management software for gyms is excellent since it helps you run your gym effectively. We lead the industry in innovative technology, and our gym membership software is advanced and user friendly. We’ve made systems that can meet the demands of your gym’s operations while providing your customers with the best experience possible. Everything is taken into account when it comes to managing your memberships.

Within the members section you can quickly check your member’s data like account status, name, and contact information. You can also manually check in the member here.

You can also look up and edit additional information for each member like agreements, linked members, services, visit history and more.

Use our robust software for your everyday business operations and see your gym or fitness center perform efficiently. We built a membership management system with a user-friendly dashboard with multiple features that are designed to let you successfully make sales, returns, and split payments among other things. With a seamless way to manage your gym’s memberships, you’ll gain repeat customers who will come away with a positive impression of your gym. Take your company to the next level with a gym membership management database software that offers comprehensive capabilities to make managing club memberships a lot easier.

For more information and a full demo of the new Members section in PULSE, please contact your client service representative today.