Tanning Software

PULSE Tanning Software keeps electronic records of client profiles and provides you with usable information so you can deliver a more personal interaction with everyone who walks through your doors. As you and your staff use the data that our software tracks, you will learn more about your clients’ preferences and engage with them more effectively.

Customer Service

Track your clients' visits and frequency of tanning, preventing over-tanning, with our Tanning Software. Store waiver information, if they bring protective eyewear and how long each of their sessions last.

Salon Maintenance

Our Tanning Software provides better maintenance planning by tracking the amount of time each bed is in use over time. With this data, you can see if any beds continually have issues, cleaning schedules, and so much more. You can even set start-times and delays all from the convenience of the front desk.

Budgeting and Business

Our integrated software will help you track your busiest hours and days so you can staff your tanning salon appropriately. You will be able to staff your salon with the correct number of employees and avoid unnecessary overtime. This information will enable you to stay on top of your overall costs and revenue.

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