Health Club Management Software

Take the guess work out of your corporate billing and member invoicing and take back control of your business. Paramount Acceptance provides health club management software for owners who want to better track where their revenue is going. The software system we use lets you manage club memberships, and employee profiles for HR purposes. We have been in the health club business for a long time, so our software covers every nuance of club management.

What Does Management Software Include?

Corporate wellness is dependent on proper management skills, from ensuring effectively run memberships to a productive workforce. Being a health club owner can be an overwhelming task without the appropriate assistance. Paramount Acceptance offers a club management software system that lets owners manage every aspect of their gym on one easy-to-use platform. The management tools you can expect to receive are:

  • Track Corporate Billing
  • Automatically Generate Invoices
  • Manage Membership Information
  • Send Membership Invoices to Corporations you service
  • Access Employee Profiles
  • Grant and maintain Corporate Human Resources login information
  • Keep a Record of Revenue
  • Document Accounts Receivable

Increase Corporate Wellness with Management Software

Paramount Acceptance has over 45 years’ experience bringing ingenuity to the health club industry. We are leaders in our field because we’ve embraced the latest technologies that help gym owners run their company. The software management systems we’ve carefully created are with the owner, employees and club members in mind. We understand that for a company to have optimum performance, it must run cohesively.

Our health club management software lets you account for membership dues and employee supervision without jumping around to different platforms. The corporate wellness tools along with membership sales and services are all accessible from one, user-friendly software system. You’ll notice a world of difference when you see what our health club management software can do for you. Call us at 800.316.4444 for more information or contact us here for a free demo.