Why Small Gym Owners Need Full-Service Management Software

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Uncategorized

There are numerous perks that come with owning and operating a gym. Working with people in a social environment, exercising every day, and doing something you love might come to mind. But there is another side to managing a gym that many gym owners might not love as much: the day to day operations. Owning and running a small, community-focused gym is perfect for bringing like-minded people together to do something they enjoy. But running a small business takes organization, transparency, and, in today’s modern world, technology.

It’s no surprise why so many smaller gyms are picking up steam in today’s fitness economy. Small gyms offer a personal, community-like atmosphere, smaller classes that are tailored to the participants’ fitness levels and interests, and more overall bang for members’ bucks. Unless your small gym is part of a larger chain or franchise, however, the actual business processes (both internal and customer-facing) might not run as smoothly as one would like.

In recent years, more small gym owners have started turning to digital solutions to help manage and streamline these backend processes. Full-service gym management software may sound like something only large, big-box gyms need, but it’s actually a critical solution for any gym to remain competitive and consumer-friendly in the marketplace. The modern gym experience has become incredibly member-centric, and without the tools to provide this level of service, smaller gyms won’t be able to survive long in the industry.

Full-service gym management software provides gym owners with the following:

1) An intuitive billing and payment management system.

Gym memberships have traditionally been a nightmare for members. With an intuitive billing management system, members are granted full transparency into their payments, billing cycles, auto-payment settings, and more. Gym owners and managers also have insight into past-due accounts, updates, collections, and other financial details. The best part? It’s all completely private and secure, meaning both members and owners can have the peace of mind that their information is safe.

2) A real-time scheduling tool for staff and members.

For smaller gyms, every second of the workday counts. Things must be able to run as efficiently as possible in order to remain professional and deliver an amazing member-first experience. With a scheduling tool integrated with a larger gym management solution, gym owners can see which classes are the most popular, which times attract the most attendants, which member groups are more likely to reserve spots online, and more. It also makes it easy for trainers and coaches to make changes, update their personal schedules, and switch classes with other trainers.

3) A comprehensive dashboard to view all metrics and insights in one place.

Running a successful gym requires a substantial amount of data. From the billing and scheduling metrics mentioned above to staff performance, new membership sales, and more, there are hundreds of data points that can be captured on a daily basis. At its core, a full-service gym management solution collects all of these insights in a single, cohesive dashboard for easy visibility and even easier decision making. Now, gym owners don’t have to make decisions based on ‘gut feeling’ or tradition. Instead, decisions can be made based on real numbers and real data, which can keep your gym competitive and successful in the marketplace.

You can learn more about full-service gym management software here.