Why Having a Secure Payment Processor Matters

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Why Having a Secure Payment Processor Matters

Our current news cycle is constantly changing and evolving, but there is one story that keeps coming back, no matter what is going on in the public sector: security breaches. Since January 2017, there have been at least 16 large retail data breaches that have resulted in personal consumer information being compromised. From credit card details to social security numbers, these security breaches are nothing to scoff at.

So what does this mean for you as a gym owner? Just think – if an organization like Hudson Bay Company (which compromised over 5 million records earlier this year) is at risk, what could this mean for your local or regional gym franchise? It doesn’t matter if you have one location or fifty – your customers deserve the utmost security and respect when it comes to their personal and financial data. Having a secure, dependable payment processor in place will give both your team and your customers’ peace of mind that everything is safe, secure, and under control.

Here are three more reasons why having a secure payment processor in place at your gym matters:

  1. Protect your members

People join gyms to work on their fitness, join a community, and lead healthier lifestyles. They don’t expect to be constantly worrying over the state of their financial data. As a gym owner, it’s your responsibility to deliver this best-in-class member experience while accurately managing and protecting your member’s data. If a quick Google search can uncover details about data breaches that happened years ago, think about the negative press a financial security issue would have on your gym. For smaller organizations especially, a serious security breach is nearly impossible to bounce back from. Get off on the right foot with a secure billing platform to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

  1. Flexibility without worry

It’s 2018, and if there is one thing consumers want in today’s economy it’s flexibility. Whether it’s paying at a Starbucks over a smartphone or dealing with a customer service issue over Twitter, people are actively looking for an easy way to get things done. The same goes for paying gym bills. Monthly gym payments are a notoriously opaque subject for many people, which means there are quite a few phone calls, emails, and questions associated with the entire industry. Your gym has the power to change this stigma for the better, without resorting to shoddy security and lax financial protections. The right secure billing solution should give your members the freedom and flexibility to automatically make payments, understand what they’re actually paying for, and select any upgrade options they want – without having to worry if their personal details are at risk.

  1. 100% compliance 100% of the time

When it comes to regulations like PCI compliance, keeping members’ data safe is only part of the issue. Your team could be in some big trouble if you fail to comply with PCI guidelines; trouble that could result in fines or citations. But you didn’t open a gym to keep constant tabs on ongoing billing policies. This is where a secure payment processor comes into play. With a payment processor in place that monitors new regulations, automatically updates to meet regulations, and securely manages member credit card details from the point of sale onward, your team can spend less time worrying about compliance and more time working with members and delivering value to customers.

Still have questions about billing? We get it – this is a tricky area that has a lot riding on a successful infrastructure. Beat security issues at their own game with an industry-specific secure billing and payment solution that works the way you need it to. Trust us, your members will thank you the next time a data breach makes headlines and their information isn’t involved.

Paramount Acceptance is the ultimate gym management and secure billing solution for your organization. We keep data safe and your members secure so you can worry about more important things – your customers. Ready to learn more? Click here to schedule your personal call with one of our specialists!

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