Top 5 Ways to Retain Members

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When it comes to running a gym, retaining your current members is oftentimes overlooked. However, member retention is one of THE most important aspects of running a gym. We have compiled our list of the top 5 ways to retain your members.

#1: Social Media –  If you aren’t on social media you should be. Our best advice on how to tackle the social media gorilla is to start by choosing ONE platform and be really good at that platform. We suggest starting with Facebook and work from there. Don’t have the resources to manage your social media accounts? Our marketing team can help!

#2: Email Blast – Communicating with your members on a regular basis is very important. Sending them updates like new class schedules, new instructors, or events via email is a great way to keep them engaged. Ask your client service representative about our email blast campaigns and how they can help your gym.

#3: Celebrate their Birthdays – An easy way to keep your member engaged is to send them a postcard or email on their birthday. This tiny gesture will show your members that you care and that you remembered their special day. Our member demographic report can help you know monthly which members you should be celebrating.

#4: Events – Planning special events on a monthly or quarterly basis for your members is a great way to keep them engaged and excited about working out. From Halloween workouts in October to Back to School Boot camps in August special events keep members coming back for more.

#5: Visit History Recognition –  Using Paramount’s visit history report allows you to identify members that use your facility the most. For those members that have the highest number of visits we suggest sending them a small token of appreciation with a handwritten note. You will be surprised how much it will mean to them.

These are just a few simple ways to stay connected to your members. We’re confident that by implementing some of these ideas that your members will become your biggest fans and your most loyal customers for years to come.

Joey Rice

Marketing Director

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