Top 3 Reasons Your Gym Should Switch to Paramount

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If you’re like most modern gym managers, you know that digital innovations are a must in order to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Consumers are no longer just looking for a place to work out and stay healthy. When they’re looking for a new gym to join, they’re looking at the environment, the community, the ease, and the experience. 

In order to deliver on these consumer expectations, gym owners are turning to technology for help. From scheduling tools to online contract writing to member satisfaction measurement solutions, technology is changing the gym management game for good. 

Here are the top 3 ways Paramount stands out from the competition:

It delivers a single solution for all your digital management needs. 

Gym owners and managers aren’t strangers to digital platforms. Most gyms are running multiple tools at once to do things like manage member attendance, schedule trainers and instructors, and balance the financials. What gets hard, however, is accurately managing all of these solutions at once. This is where Paramount stands above and beyond the rest.

The Pulse Gym Management system incorporates all of these digital tools into a single, easy-to-read system so your gym management team can focus on what’s really important – your members – instead of spending time crunching numbers and worrying about your digital tools.

It makes it easier for your team to do business. 

Managing a gym is fun, of course, but only if everything is operating correctly – and this includes your employees. We’re all human, but sometimes technology can help even us humans operate at a higher level. Paramount’s suite of fitness-industry specific solutions makes it easier for gym teams to do business. Solutions include:

  • Scheduling software that automatically recommends classes and instructors that are most popular with members. 
  • Billing and collections solutions that ensure the financial side of your business is running smoothly. 
  • Employee maintenance tools that give visibility into things like hours, wages, and even ongoing certifications. 

It always keeps members at the heart of every solution. 

At Paramount, our number one goal is to make solutions that help gyms deliver better member experiences. This is why every single solution is designed with the member experience in mind.

Our dashboard is designed to keep trainers out on the floor, not buried in the back office. Our leads tools help gyms target new members where and why they want to be engaged. Streamlined – and secure – gym payment solutions ensure both parties can efficiently monitor automatic gym payments without worrying about their personal information. 

Want to learn more? Schedule a 1:1 conversation with a Paramount specialist today to see how the Paramount platform can help your gym succeed.

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