Top 10 Recent Updates to PULSE

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Have you seen the latest updates in Pulse? From the Leads Tool to a new Class Schedule and Instructor Substitute board, we want to help you digitally transform your business. We continue to focus on meaningful software updates. Check out this list of exciting updates and features we recently made to Pulse.

Leads Tool Updates:

    • #1) Templates for one-on-one messaging (create and send): Create and send templates for one-on-one messaging of prospects. This simple tool allows you to create templates that can be selected and customized per prospect before sending, saving you time while giving the message a personal touch.


    • #2) Unassigned leads tracking: View, sort, filter, and find leads that haven’t been assigned in the Leads Grid. From there, you can assign those leads to be worked.
    • #3) Lead touches: See how many touches a particular lead has; touch is a call, message, leaving a note or taking some type of action on a particular lead.
    • #4) Usability Improvements – Next Button on Leads grid: Once you’ve built your list of leads with filter, sorting, grouping, and the like, you can then work them seamlessly with ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons. You can also return to your previously built list by hitting the ‘Back’ button.

#5) Sub Board for Instructors: Continuing your digital transformation to class management and subs. Your class instructors can request a substitute online and another instructor can pick that class up. You can manage the entire process within Pulse; approve and deny requests based on preconfigured rules, like if the instructor is qualified to teach a certain class. And, you and your instructors can receive email alerts and reminders. Managing substitute instructors is now easier and in the same tool you use for your scheduling.

#6) Class Schedule: You wanted a separate view for just your class, managing attendance, and more. Within the scheduler, you can do just that. And, you can still go to the Location view to see everything happening, including classes. The Class Schedule allows you to handle all your class management from the already familiar Scheduler—add a sub, edit or cancel the individual class or the series, take roll, enter attendance, and much more.

#7) Invoice Tool – multiple emails: For contact purposes, you can now add multiple email addresses to a given corporation within the Corporate Invoicing tool.

#8) Email blast – add image: Easily add images to email blasts, without having to worry about hosting them yourself. We’ll take care of that for you. Prefer to host your own image? We have that option for you as well.

#9) Guest Pad Waiver – email: Email a copy of your guest’s liability waiver to them and maintain your digital transformation. You also have the option of downloading a copy to print as they sign the waiver.

#10) Suggestion Box: We love input on how you are using our software. There is now an easy-to-use form in Pulse to send us your ideas and suggestions. Simply click the profile menu in the upper, right-hand corner, navigate to ‘Help’, and click on ‘Make a Suggestion’.