The Best Gym Website Marketing Tactics

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

Every gym needs a good website. When it’s effective, it helps with your gym’s two main goals: bringing in new members and keeping the members you have. But in order to help you achieve these goals, it needs to be an effective website. Fortunately, minor changes can make a big difference. 

Use these website marketing tactics to beef up your website’s performance.

Add an Opt-In

Don’t let people visit your website without giving them a way to stay in touch. Instead, collect their email addresses through an email opt-in on your website. Make it easy to find on your home page so people don’t have to put extra effort in to sign up. You’ll encourage more people to give their email addresses when you offer them something in return, such as a downloadable health guide or a free gym day pass. Once you have an email address, you’ll be able to keep people up to date about your gym and potentially nurture leads into members.

Draw Attention to Your Website

Your website won’t help too much unless local people can find it. You can take certain steps to help this process along. First, use Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines to increase the likelihood that the right people will find your gym when they’re searching. Toward this end, make sure you include local SEO so nearby people can find you. This translates to including keywords with your city name and state, as well as ones like “gyms near me.” You could also draw attention to your site by running ads, such as Google ads or Facebook ads, that link to it. 

These services make it easy to target people in your local area. Google My Business can also facilitate local people finding your website and thus your gym. Further, spread the word through social media pages to encourage people to visit your website and interact with your gym.

Try Content Marketing

When you’re consistent with it, content marketing adds fresh content that can keep your website updated, relevant and found in search engines. You’ll have many relevant pieces of content that can attract people looking to improve their health. And you can add SEO to content to help people find your pieces when they’re searching for that topic. Plus, content gives you something to share through social media and your email list to engage prospective and current members. 

Content marketing can include various types of content, including blog posts, ebooks, guides and landing pages that help you facilitate your overall marketing plan from different angles. For example, you could use blog posts to attract new people and use an ebook giveaway to get people to share their email addresses. Content can also go beyond written content to include videos, podcasts, infographics or other formats.

Guide Your Website Visitors

Make your gym website simple to use and navigate. Perform a website audit to see areas for improvement. Your site should be user-friendly instead of making someone frustrated. Guide the visitor on how to easily take the next step, whether that’s signing up for a class, giving an email address or getting a membership. 

Websites that are easy to navigate are more likely to convert and keep people, while frustrating or confusing websites turn them away toward a competitor.

These tips can help your gym improve its website performance. When your website is at its best, it helps you with your marketing goals of finding new members and keeping the ones you have.