Tanning Bed Management Software

For any small business like a salon or tanning facility to operate smoothly and generate a profit, accurate and easy-to-use software is critical. Paramount Acceptance provides easy-to-use operating and management software to help you more efficiently run your business. Our software is fully integrated and designed to work as a stand-alone product or with our full range of software solutions for a better service platform.

Having tracking software will open up your schedule and allow you to focus your time on other aspects of your business. Regardless of the size of your tanning salon or the number of beds your facility uses, Paramount Acceptance’s tanning bed software will address the issues concurrently and deliver easy-to-use data in our intuitively designed interface.

Tanning bed software for your small business from Paramount Acceptance.

Easy-to-Use Salon & Tanning Software

Our salon management software keeps electronic records of client profiles and provides you with usable information so you can deliver a more personal interaction with everyone who walks through your doors. As you and your staff use the data that our software tracks, you will learn more about your clientele and their preferences and engage with them better. This enables you to provide your customers with an individualized approach and generate higher revenue.

  • Better Customer Service
    With our software you can track your client’s visits and their frequency of tanning, preventing over-tanning. It will store their waiver information, if they bring protective eye-ware and how long each of their sessions last.
  • Better Tanning Salon Maintenance
    Our tanning salon software provides better maintenance planning by tracking the amount of time each bed is in use over time. With this data, you can see if any beds continually have issues requiring repair and allow you time and budget to take care of that. You can track your cleaning schedule as well. Paramount Acceptance’s system will let you set start-times and delays, all from the convenience of the front desk.
  • Better Budgeting & Business Software
    Our integrated software system will track payment dates, amounts, fees and age of your tanning beds. It will help you track your busiest hours and days so you can staff your tanning salon appropriately. You will be able to staff your salon with the correct number of employees and avoid wasting hourly wages unnecessarily. This information will enable you to stay on top of your overall costs and revenue.

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Paramount Acceptance has developed an outstanding software solution for tanning bed salons and similar small, specialized businesses. Our software is designed to work as a stand-alone system or with our full array of products. We offer a single-point solution for needs that small companies face like: payroll, employee management, scheduling, billing, and facility maintenance. When working with us for your tanning bed software don’t forget to ask about our other services. To speak with a service professional call 800-316-4444 today.