Online Point of Sale System

Selling products at your gym just got a whole lot easier. We are excited to announce that our Point of Sale system is now on PULSE. As a business owner, it’s important to understand the needs of your business to help it grow, and our POS system will help you do just that.

Our web-based POS system has everything you need to manage all aspects of your POS business. You can easily do the following…

  • Sell products and services
  • Email or print receipts
  • Apply discount
  • Apply tips for staff
  • Add and edit categories and so much more!

The Right POS System for You

The point of sale, or POS system for health clubs, plays an essential role in running any successful fitness facility. At Paramount Acceptance, our system is easy-to-use, reliable, and integrates well with our other products. It will take the efficiency of your gym’s payment system farther because it’s easy-to-use, has simultaneous purchase capabilities, and offers secure mobile access points.

Our POS system for gyms is a more fully integrated system with immediate results, rather than taking days to clear and process payment information. The online point of sale system will electronically withdraw funds for a client’s payment and deposit it into your bank account. We also have built-in software that allows for automatic billing, data reporting, and business analytics for a clear and accurate snapshot of your gym’s financial health at a glance.

Contact Paramount Acceptance

Call Paramount Acceptance today at 800-316-4444 to request a free demo and discover what our POS system for health clubs can do for you.

Point of Sale Software for gyms from Paramount Acceptance.