Fitness Center & Gym Scheduling Software

When it comes to running an efficient and lucrative fitness center, you need sophisticated software that easily tracks and stores data with a user-friendly interface. Paramount Acceptance has gym and fitness facility scheduling software that allows you to run your business more effectively. When all the details are managed, you can shift your focus to actually running your gym.

Our state-of-the-art gym scheduling software tracks, correlates, maintains and recalls data in an impressive, concise way. We have designed the interface to be intuitive for ease of use. Let’s face it, if your reporting and scheduling software is not convenient, then you will not use it. We continue to evaluate our products, ensuring that our software is easy to use and make alterations according to changes and advancements in technology platforms. As you upgrade your computers and electronic systems, your scheduling software should grow too.

Scheduler from Paramount Acceptance

New Updates to Improve your Gym & Health Club

With Paramount Acceptance’s fitness center and gym class scheduling software, you have a system that is designed to grow with your business and match your ever-changing needs. We have made a few critical updates recently that we would like to highlight for you.

  • Visual & User Improvement
    The improved interface of our fitness scheduling software consolidates multiple pages into one, easier-to-use screen. Now you can seamlessly toggle between different views (Agenda, Day, Week) and pages (Employee Schedule, Location Schedule, My Schedule). Work schedules and employee hours are at your fingertips.
  • Side-by-Side Employee Scheduling
    Now you can view all your staff’s schedules at the same time. Our effective format change allows you to see your staffing hours, when employees have time off and who can work what days. Scheduling your staff and maintaining their time sheets has never been so straightforward as it is with our newly updated program.
  • Member Profile Upgrades
    Member profile data is now available within class schedules. This improvement to our class scheduling software allows instructors and staff to see more about each member who will be attending their class so they can deliver a better customer service experience.
  • Class Attendance
    Our newest update enables you to take roll for classes and record no-shows for fee assessments or space-available information. You can manage all this from multiple access points including the front desk or exercise room, an added benefit to your instructors.
  • Recording Personal Training Sessions
    Automated personal training sessions can be recorded and managed directly from the appointment window.