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Contracts and paperwork are not the first things that come to mind when you think about owning a fitness facility. Having the best software for this aspect of owning a gym is crucial to your success. Paramount Acceptance has software solutions designed primarily for gyms, fitness centers, and personal trainers. We have a fully integrated platform of products that work together to streamline the ownership and operations of your facility. Our membership writing software is part of that platform.

Contract software is an element that can easily be added to any gym’s process. Our gym membership software is a component of our overall software management system. This system takes all the guesswork out of the day to day running of a business and lets you focus on the aspects of gym ownership that you love. From class schedules to human resources and payroll, Paramount Acceptance has a thoughtfully arranged platform which is synchronized to operate seamlessly with an easy to use interface for you and your employees. The membership contract writing system is a great feature in our software package.

Having the ability to formulate a member agreement or contracts to fit your facility is beneficial in many ways. Arrangements are necessary for accordance of services provided and payment received. A well-written contract is legally enforceable and protects you as a business owner, your employees, the gym and its members. Legal protection is essential for any business owner to guarantee a stable company. With Paramount Acceptance’s membership writing software you can build a contract with the details you need to have covered and keep it secure.

Consistency through all aspects of your business helps you build and establish your brand. A membership contract to your facility may not seem like an essential piece of this, but it can be. Using your logos, and verbiage in your contracts is a way to define your brand and emphasize your services along with how they stand apart from competitors. Our platform also has a paperless feature for your convenience. Storing your files as electronic documents is another way to streamline your operations and minimizes the chance of errors. Electronic filing programs can prevent chances of lost paperwork and make your backend processes easy to handle.

Our program will allow you to specify a membership contract to include and exclude what you want. You can build in flexible pricing plans and tailor your arrangements for the services and levels of membership you offer within your facility. This flexibility is suitable for all levels of engagement for your trainers, employees and the gym members too. We give you the ability to omit what you don’t need and provide a drilled-down contract of what you know works for your business.

Paramount Acceptance knows that you didn’t get into the physical fitness industry so you could be stuck behind a desk, bogged down with paperwork all day. Chances are, you started your company because you have the drive to help others reach and maintain their fitness goals. The opposite side of that coin is the busy work. That daily office work isn’t always the most stimulating, but it is necessary. We developed an entire software package to help you effectively and efficiently run your gym. Paramount Acceptance was started over 40 years ago when our owners needed a software solution to use in their fitness facility. When they could not find anything that suited their needs, they made their own. As you are looking for a reliable solution, Paramount Acceptance has the expertise gained through continually developing a better system.

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