New Gym Owners: Are You Making These 3 Website Mistakes

by | Dec 23, 2019 | Uncategorized

You have enough on your plate related to running your gym, so it’s not surprising if your website gets neglected or isn’t as good as it could be. As a new gym owner, maybe you threw something up online just to have a presence and then figured you’ll get back to that later.

But savvy gym owners will tell you that your website is an essential part of making your gym successful. A well-executed website can help you get found when someone’s searching for gyms in your area and help you stand out and seem more professional compared to other local gyms. Also, a website can help you retain the members you have by making things like paying easier and by creating a hub for a gym community. So if you don’t have a website, that’s your first mistake to correct quickly.

It’s smart to make your website a key part of your business duties from the start. Sooner than later, look at your site to see if you’re making these three mistakes. If so, here’s how to fix them.

Mistake #1: It Doesn’t Have Your Class Schedule

This may seem small, but it’s a major mistake. People who are considering your gym want to know your offerings before committing. If you were comparing gyms, do you think you’d go with the one that posts its schedule or the one that leaves you wondering? Plus, current members want to be able to check an up-to-date schedule from anywhere.

The Fix: Add the class schedule to the website, including info like when personal training is available. But it’s also essential to keep it updated or you defeat the purpose. Gym management software makes it easy to provide real-time information.

Mistake #2: It’s Too Basic

Your website shouldn’t just list your contact information and make you seem like every other gym out there. Your website gives you a chance to show your gym’s differentiators — you know, the things that make you unique. Also, you’re missing out if you’re not giving members ways to interact with your gym online. Your website shouldn’t just encourage them to come to the gym in person—it should create a digital community as well.

The Fix: You don’t need endless pages to improve your website. You just need to put your focus on key areas. Use images and branding to quickly get across your gym’s identity. Create an “about” page to share whatever sets you apart. Give ways for members to interact and do things online, such as pay dues and register for classes and sessions. Also, create a community through a private support group, social media pages and/or forums. If you can put more time in, you can also include a blog to educate and motivate members (plus reach prospective members).

Mistake #3: It’s Outdated

If you want your website to work for you, you need to keep up with digital marketing best practices or hire someone who will. Using outdated tactics can make your website look unprofessional, prevent you from ranking well in search results and reduce the user experience.

The Fix: Adapt your website as times change. Keep up with the latest SEO practices and incorporate them into your website. Follow the latest design and style best practices. Make sure your website is mobile-responsive so people can easily view and use it from their phones.

Focusing on these areas can turn your website into one that helps your gym stand out from the competition, taking you from a new gym to one that thrives and grows.