National Fitness Trade Journal – Spring Edition

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Uncategorized

Recently, Paramount Acceptance was featured in National Fitness Trade Journal. The article was entitled “2020 Lessons Learned – 3 Things That Set Paramount Apart” and in that article, we reflect back on 2020 and the things that we learned that can help gym owners. Here is an excerpt from that article. 

This year has been filled with unanticipated challenges. While all businesses have been forced to adapt and find ways to stay open, we know that gyms are one of the businesses hit the hardest. As this industry has been pushed to its limits, it hasn’t broken. Instead, many lessons have come to the surface that may bring gyms more respect and help your gym move forward into a new era.

Experiencing the effects of COVID-19 on our own business and that of our clients has been humbling and educational. Looking back on 2020, we have identified 3 things that set our business and services apart from that of our competitors.


At Paramount Acceptance, we believe that one size does NOT fit all. All of our clients are different. Different sizes, different geographic locations, different business models, etc. As a result, our solutions need to be flexible enough to work with all of them. This was never more apparent than during this pandemic.

As rules and regulations for billing have changed from state to state, Paramount has been nimble to the needs of our clients. Some wanted to freeze accounts, some wanted to freeze only certain services, some wanted to issue credits, and others worked with their members in other ways. We were able to provide those services for them. Flexibility is a key component to our business model, and at Paramount we can cater exactly to your needs.

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