National Fitness Article – 5 Ways PULSE Can Help You

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Uncategorized

Paramount was recently featured in National Fitness Trade Journal. The article highlighted how Paramount’s PULSE software can help you manage all of your gym needs. Here is a small excerpt from the article…

Shopping around for gym management solutions can be hard. After all, nobody running a gym wants to spend all day worrying about data, employee training, or system onboarding. They want to be out on the floor with trainers and members doing what they do best – helping people become their best selves. That’s why we created Paramount Acceptance to help solve problems before they start, deliver unprecedented insights with little manual work, and get gym managers out of the office and into the gym.

The PULSE management software from Paramount Acceptance delivers a single source of information that consolidates multiple metrics from across a gym, including member enrollment, employee scheduling, and more, in a single location that makes it easy for gym managers to keep a – you guessed it – pulse on how their gym is performing and how it can grow.

Here are 5 ways Paramount’s PULSE software can help you manage it all:  

1: New lead tracking software

New members are the lifeblood of any gym, which is why standing out against the competition and attracting new leads is so important to a gym’s continued success. With the PULSE leads tool, gym managers and sales reps can easily contact leads, deliver more targeted campaigns, and quickly follow-up on any inbound inquiries. Plus, with an easy integration into the Paramount Acceptance sales solution, interested new members won’t slip through the cracks.

2: Class scheduling tool

Accurately managing a class schedule, instructors, fees, and attendees can add unexpected roadblocks for gyms that aren’t adequately prepared to handle the time management process. Paramount’s PULSE software allows gym managers to control every aspect of a gym calendar, from knowing what classes to schedule to finding substitute instructors, in a single easy-to-use software. And, when you’re on top of scheduling, your members will thank you.