How to Make Gym Payments Easier for Your Members

by | May 7, 2019 | Uncategorized

When it comes to belonging to a gym, most people love the social, fitness-focused aspects. What they don’t love? Payments. The gym membership payment process has historically been confusing, convoluted, and incredibly hard for a layman (aka, a gym member) to understand. For modern gyms, however, this process is starting to change. Gym members now require the same high level of personalization and transparency they receive in other areas of their lives. In order to remain competitive and successfully retain members, gyms must overhaul their current payment process to make it easier for everyone involved.

Here are four easy steps to create a member-first payment process:

Enable automatic payments

Modern consumers have a veritable mountain of recurring payments, from monthly streaming service fees to automated Amazon deliveries. Adding ‘gym membership’ to this list can be taxing and add another manual payment to their to do list. Automatic payments are the perfect solution for both members and gym managers. Automatic payments save time and stress for members, and they help streamline the payment processing workflow on the back-end for gym managers. Just make sure that if you do allow members to leverage automatic payments that you also make it easy for them to cancel or change their membership.

Create a safe and secure workflow

Sometimes, members can be wary or skeptical of automatic or online payment processing because of the security risks they pose. Asking your members to save their personal credit card or bank account information on your server only to have this information be stolen or put at risk can be incredibly harmful to your brand’s reputation and long-term success. Secure payment processing is not the place to try to cut corners. Give your members peace of mind by making PCI compliance, secure workflows, and safe payment processing a top priority. This will make it easier for members to justify automatic and online payments.

Give members visibility into the payment process

Unfortunately, the gym and fitness industry has gotten a bad rep in the past few years because of the lack of transparency and visibility into the membership payment process. Sign-on fees, payment processing fees, additional class fees, and more – the list of hidden fees can seem never-ending to members who just thought they were saying yes to a once-a-month flat payment. If you’re going to upcharge or ask members to pay more for things like signing a contract or even ending their contract, be upfront about it. This can help increase your customer service rating, lead to better online reviews, and even help bring in new members.

Automate wherever possible

Your internal team doesn’t like repetitive, manual processes, so why would you want to make your members go through the same thing? By automating as many processes as possible, belonging to your gym can become an easy, natural part of your member’s everyday lives. This includes automatic credit card updates, automatic IVR or online support systems, and even automated collection messages in case of a late payment. Automating and streamlining the process on both sides can make belonging to a gym easier and more enjoyable for members.

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