How to Adopt and Utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Your Gym

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Uncategorized

At first glance, gyms and fitness centers might not be the first place one would think of to adopt AI or digital-first technology. After all, most gyms are built on personal relationships and in-person communication. But the times, as they say, are a-changing for gym members, which means gym owners have having to adapt. Modern gym members are used to time-efficient, streamlined processes. They want complete visibility into things like their membership payments and class schedules. Gym-goers are still looking for that personal experience, just in an ‘upgraded’ capacity. 

This is where AI comes into the equation. By turning to innovative tools like AI to handle the more manual consumer-facing processes, gym owners can deliver both a personalized and streamlined gym-going experience. 

AI technology can be used in:

Reporting and data gathering: Even though gym and health club management has come a long way in the last few years, many gym owners are still relying on spreadsheets and manual reporting to ensure their gyms are operating successfully. By integrating all of your systems (renewals, payroll, scheduling, etc.) into a single platform, critical metrics can be automatically monitored and tracked. These data points are then easily rolled up into a single, easy-to-interpret dashboard that makes monitoring the ongoing success of a gym easy and simple. 

Scheduling options: Every day, scheduling causes headaches for gym owners, employees, trainers, and even members alike. Personal schedules change, which means class schedules change, which means members are forced to rearrange their schedules. With AI helping to inform and monitor gym scheduling, these headaches all but evaporate. By tracking which classes are the most popular, which classes are often rescheduled, and which trainers have the highest attendance rates, AI-powered scheduling tools can help gyms run more efficiently. Trust us – trainers and members alike will thank you.  

Membership contracting: For most gyms, membership packages can cause constant confusion. Flexible pricing plans, location specifications, and custom promotions have made it hard to streamline this area of running a gym – until now. By leveraging past data and learning from every new contract that comes through, AI-powered membership software makes it easy for gym owners to use templatized membership contracts that are easily customized to fit the needs of every individual member. With the ability to include and exclude any relevant data, gym managers can quickly and efficiently create tailored contracts without wasting unnecessary time. 

By leveraging AI technology in the above ways, gym owners can free up more employee time to engage face-to-face with members. Instead of wasting manual time behind a computer, gym employees can spend time where it’s most needed – helping members reach their health and fitness goals. You can learn more about adopting AI solutions in your gym here.