Gym Website Checklist – Top 10 Things Your Website Must Have

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

A website is an essential tool for a local business like yours. It gives a way for potential gym members to find your business, shares important information about your brand and your offerings, and gives you a hub where you can connect with current members to improve their experience and retain them as loyal members. It can also help your gym stand apart from your competition.

Yet any old website may not be good enough to get the results an effective website can offer. Make sure you include these top 10 website must-haves to make the most of this digital marketing tool.

1. Your Class Schedule

Share your real-time fitness class schedule directly on your website. This allows your members to always have access to the latest schedule, which will encourage them to keep visiting. Plus, it lets prospective members see the types of classes you have, which could entice them to come to your gym. Gym management software helps you keep it up to date.

2. Your Offerings

Give plenty of info on your website about all of your gym offerings. This may include:

  • Trainer sessions
  • Fitness classes
  • Free weights/equipment/machines
  • Health/lifestyle classes
  • Events
  • Childcare
  • A smoothie bar
  • More

3. A Way to Pay

Add a way to pay through your website to make it as easy as possible for members to pay their dues from wherever they are. Make sure you offer numerous ways to pay too. Beyond that, a member portal should allow them to manage their membership online.

4. Online Signups

Help your members sign up for classes, trainer sessions and other offerings through the website. This makes the process easier on them and encourages them to participate.

5. A Free Guest Pass

Put a guest pass on your website that leads can print or show on their smartphone to get a free gym day, week or month. This will make it extra easy for people to come check out your gym. Link to the guest pass from your class schedule so leads can come try a class they think sounds exciting.

6. Ways to Connect

Create a hub where your members can connect with your gym as an online community. You could use your website to host or link to a forum, a private group or social media pages. Use the area for encouragement, inspiration and social connection. Also, add social sharing buttons to your content so readers can share it with their friends.

7. Website Best Practices

A gym website needs to keep up with modern best practices for websites in general. This means having an updated, professional website that uses the latest technology. Follow modern design that includes professional images, make the site mobile-responsive and use SEO practices. If you’re not sure how to do these things, consider hiring professionals.

8. Testimonials

People want to know that your gym can help them achieve the results they’re seeking. Include written and picture testimonials from members of your gym. Share them throughout the website instead of putting them on a page of their own that visitors may never click on.

9. Next Steps

Don’t leave leads hanging when they’re interested in your gym. Include calls to action to direct them to the next step, which could be contacting you, signing up for a class or downloading a guest pass. Also, make it simple to get in touch and find your location by clearly placing contact info.

10. Security and Privacy

Make sure your site keeps member information secure, and let visitors know your commitment to their online safety and privacy. A secure website will show that you have a professional gym that takes safety seriously.