Gym Owners Take Note: Why a Full-Service Software Provider is Better Than Simple Software

by | May 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

If you’re like most gym owners, there are a few ‘big topics’ that take up your day – things like growing memberships, delivering great workouts to your current members, and potentially expanding your business. But, in the age of increased competition and industry uncertainty, it’s become even more apparent to gym owners and managers that it’s the ‘little things’ that members are truly looking for in a gym.

For this reason and many more, gym owners are turning to software platforms to help manage their gym locations, to keep track of growth opportunities, and to generally deliver better customer experiences to members. While there are plenty of one-and-done software solutions available (think of generic Customer Relationship management solutions or a typical point-of-sale platform), gyms require the right mix of multiple solutions to hit the sweet spot with members.

Here are a few additional benefits of a full-service gym management software platform:

  1. A simplified approach to member activity. Typically, a gym’s member data is spread across multiple platforms and locations. There is payment data, of course, but there is also logging data, class preference, and additional purchase information. Instead of switching between platforms or, worst-case scenario, manually pulling this data into a single spreadsheet, a full-service platform automatically delivers a one-stop approach to member activity.
  1. Clear visibility into gym operations. In addition to membership activities, gym management platforms also help to understand overall gym operations. Between employee payroll and equipment updates and even class scheduling and staffing, it’s important to see what’s exactly going on across your gym. After all, when you’re operating smoothly your members are the ones who will benefit.
  1. A single source of truth across the board. It’s incredible just how much time gym owners spend manually searching multiple platforms just to pull together a single dashboard or a single report. While CRM and payroll solutions are useful to a point, they just don’t make sense for an industry that is so spread out and so reliant on multiple data sources. With a single, full-service gym management platform, gym owners can have a single source of truth that is easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

Altogether, the above benefits enable gym owners and managers to deliver something truly tangible to members: incredible customer service. While service isn’t always the first thing people think of when they think of joining a gym, it’s definitely one of the most important factors that determine whether or not someone will renew their membership, if they are willing to upgrade, and even if they would recommend a gym to their friends. Simply put, amazing customer service can grow your business, and amazing service is possible with a comprehensive gym management platform.

You can learn more about how a full-service gym management platform can impact your gym here.