Gym Owners: 5 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Offer Ideas

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Uncategorized

It’s not only e-commerce or retail companies that can have Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales and offerings. Pretty much any type of business can get on board, including your gym. This is one of the prime times of year to come up with marketing ideas. Consider using one or more of these offer ideas to satisfy your current members and/or entice new ones to check out your gym.

Run a Doorbuster Discount

Just like stores offer a deep discount for the first number of people who arrive or for everyone who arrives during a specific timeframe, have a doorbuster sale for gym memberships. Advertise that you’ll have a special price only for the people who register early. This could be a great way to create a line of people wanting to sign up.

Offer Free Months or a Free Gift

Instead of advertising a percent off or a specific price on memberships, you could try a freebie. For example, you’ll throw in two free months, a free personal training session or free gym merchandise for someone who signs up for the year. Everyone loves a freebie (and is likely to put a “look what I got” post on social media)!

Discount Your Gym Gear

You don’t only have to sell gym memberships this time of year to be profitable. You could also promote healthy gifts and giving yourself the gift of health by deeply discounting your merchandise. Whether you discount your items in person on Black Friday or online on Cyber Monday, discount your t-shirts, water bottles and more, and advertise that you’re doing so.

Host a Special Event

While Cyber Monday is ideal for home shoppers, Black Friday is a great time to get people into your gym in person. They’re out and about and looking for places to save (and spend) money. So give them an event to discover online or stumble upon in person. You could offer a health fair with free training sessions, free smoothies, and other features. 

Since it’s Black Friday, people will probably be looking for a discount or freebie with a membership as well. It could be fun to include a holiday theme because you’ll find plenty of people who are feeling guilty about eating too much on Thanksgiving and those wanting to prevent the usual holiday weight gain before they vow to get healthy for New Year’s. Use those pain points for your event and your marketing.

Try a Special

Come up with a special offer that works for your gym’s plans and goals. You could try a buy one membership, get one free (or half off) deal. Or try a special to sign up for a membership now and then pay it off later, which could be a good incentive for people who want to get healthy but have light wallets from everything else they’re buying on Black Friday.

Try these offerings to take advantage of the marketing might of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Then, gym management software can make it easier for you to manage your marketing efforts throughout the year and track the new members you get through your promotions.