Feedback From Clubs That Have Reopened

by | May 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

Throughout the country, health clubs have been opening their doors to their members. At Paramount in the last week, we have had several clients open. However, we still have clients that have yet to open to the public.

We thought it would be beneficial for everyone to hear feedback and experiences from these reopenings. Below are quotes from clients big and small across the country who share what they have learned from their reopening experiences.

VASA Fitness –

“It was such a joy  to see the smiling faces of our returning members. They were so happy and willing to comply with our safety guidelines. The appreciation they felt for our returning team members and their efforts to ensure the safety of all was a beautiful thing to witness. As we visited clubs I was brought to tears witnessing how happy people were to see each other. How encouraging they were to one another and they realized they were not at the fitness level they were before this crazy Covid. I am proud of all the work that went into re-opening our clubs and the VASA Champions who gave it their all. It definitely makes me proud to be Team VASA. It has been a privilege and an honor to be a part of this.”   – Whitney Huff, Vasa Fitness

“The level of enthusiasm shown from our members to come back to our clubs the first day we re-opened was very encouraging and re-confirmed our brand loyalty.” – Mehul Chaudhari, Vasa Fitness

The Zoo Alpharetta – 

We were surprised by the following three things… 

  • The number of people that came back.
  • The gym was more packed after we reopened than it was when we closed.
  • We only had a handful of people that requested to freeze their accounts.

Barry Hogan

The Gym at City Creek-

3 things that we have seen since opening…

  • Members are grateful to be back at the gym.
  • Staff and members alike missed interacting with each other.
  • Increased cleaning and masks are the new normal and everyone is embracing the change.

Cathy Waters 

901 Fitness –

We have not had any issues with transitioning back to “normal gym life”. Everybody is on board and following every new guideline, the CDC has in place to keep us safe.

Communication through our website and social media has been key. Since our staff had great relationships with members this transition has been a lot easier. 

Jay Randall