Employee Portal is now PULSE

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Uncategorized

Paramount Acceptance is pleased to announce the Employee Portal is now PULSE. With this improved PULSE platform comes several exciting features including dashboard reporting, corporate invoicing, lead management, and scheduling updates—all accessible from any device or computer.

Dashboard reporting allows you to binge watch your data by seeing all the latest numbers on your business. You can actively drill down to view your data by location, by employee, and by several other views including historical data.

Corporate invoicing enables you to manage all aspects of your corporate memberships. You can preview, print, email, build, and bill your corporate invoices online. Management tools are also available to remove employees from an invoice or to grant access to corporate users to see their own invoice.

The new lead management improvements give you a single place to view all your leads, manage their status, assign employees, update their information, take an action or create a task, and more. Scheduling updates include options for recurring appointments, text and email appointment reminders, adding prospects to member appointments, and a new scheduling filter.

Several additional features are being planned and worked on. Stayed tuned for more information regarding new software functionality. Contact your Account Executive at 888-415-1058 or our Sales Department at 800-316-4444 for more information on these exciting new features and functionality.