Club Solutions Feature – 4 Marketing Tips

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Uncategorized

Recently, Paramount was featured on in a Supplier Voice article entitled “4 Easy Marketing Tips to Increase Membership Sales”. We love working with Club Solutions and think it’s a great space for news and helpful articles for your gym business. Here is a part of that article…

All businesses are constantly looking for new ways to grow and expand their customer base. For any fitness business, growing customers means finding and signing new members. And just as any other business would leverage a marketing strategy to grow customers, gyms must turn to well thought out marketing plans to find, sign and retain members.

In fact, keeping new members coming through the doors can be even harder for gyms than other industries. With so much competition — not to mention the increasingly short attention spans of modern consumers — gyms have to work twice as hard to sign new members and keep them coming back.

Here are four easy marketing tips your team can implement to increase gym membership:

1. Member retention communications. 

The first step in growing any business is keeping your current customers happy. After all, satisfied customers — your current gym members — are the best advocates for your gym. Sending out pre-scheduled communication and engagement campaigns can keep your current members satisfied. From birthday emails to social media campaigns to text messages reminding members of upcoming payments, sending out retention messages can help keep your gym top-of-mind while ensuring your members feel special.


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