Club Solutions Client Feature – Gym at City Creek

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Uncategorized

Recently, Club Solutions Magazine interviewed our client The Gym at City Creek about their experience with Paramount. Here is an excerpt from that interview.  

Billing and collections software solutions that deliver accurate reporting can be a difference-maker in a club’s operations, and Paramount Acceptance is an industry leader.

The Gym at City Creek in Salt Lake City, Utah, considers Paramount Acceptance a valuable partner and vital piece of their operations. “Paramount offers a system that allows me to run and grow my business,” said Cathy Waters, an owner of The Gym. “By having them collect payments, call on delinquent accounts and provide all the reports I need, I am able to run The Gym more efficiently.”

Below, Waters shares why The Gym partnered with Paramount Acceptance, and how they’ve come to rely on Paramount’s insights and support: