Benefits of Having a Customer Service / Collections Call Center for Your Gym

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

As a gym owner, the first thought you had when you opened your new gym or fitness studio probably had nothing to do with membership payments or billing services. Instead, your head was most likely filled with excitement and eagerness to get people in your space to start doing what they love: working out. Unfortunately, owning and managing a gym means more than just working with members on the floor every day.

Your gym is your business, and you’ve put the sweat, time, and capital into your business so it can grow and thrive. Making sure your members are paying their dues on time and providing them with a support line when they need help ensures that your investment is well protected and that your business doesn’t fall behind.

Now, if you’re a smaller gym or studio with a single location, you may be thinking that customer support and collections is something you can handle on your own. In reality, however, managing members support and collections goes beyond just answering customer questions after a class or sending reminder emails once a month about membership payments. Modern gym owners should have a dedicated customer service and collections software solution in place to give your team – and your customers – the peace of mind they deserve.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of having a dedicated customer service and collections call center for your gym:

  • Automated payment options: In 2020, members are familiar with quick and easy payment solutions. Providing the option of automated memberships makes it easy for them to stay on top of payments.
  • IVR and on-call support: Leveraging automated voice support technology as well as having in-person support specialists on call allows members to get their questions answered fast, without having to jump through hoops.
  • Online payment updating software: Credit cards and other payment information is constantly being updated, and your members shouldn’t have to call in or try to change details in person. Instead, they can easily update their billing information online with no downtime.
  • PCI-DSS compliance: While the past few years have been innovative in regard to billing, they’ve also seen a rise in security threats and hacks. Keeping member’s information safe and secure should be a top priority for your back office.

Paramount Acceptance, the comprehensive software solution for gyms of all sizes, provides solutions across the spectrum of gym management to make it easier for gym owners to efficiently manage gym operations and spend more time out on the floor with members. In addition to automated payment systems, automatic retry technology, and live collection follow-ups, Paramount offers gym customers a dedicated team of U.S.-based representatives to deliver amazing customer support to members.

We know that chasing down payments, working with members to resolve issues, and managing the backend operations of a gym can take time and focus away from what makes owning a gym so rewarding. But it’s also important to deliver amazing service, easy solutions, and clear instructions to members, regardless of whether they plan on remaining a member or not. After all, a gym’s reputation can be a huge differentiator in today’s healthcare landscape. 

You can learn more about why Paramount Acceptance is your team’s solution to customer support and collections outreach here