Are Your Gym Members Not Paying Dues on Time? Start Here.

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If you’re working in the business of gyms or health studios, then you’re familiar with the highs and lows of the industry. Running a gym can be an amazing experience because they connect like-minded people with a fun, vibrant community with your gym at the epicenter. The drawbacks, however, typically deal with the business side of the gym industry. This means the back-and-forth with members who aren’t paying their dues on time. 

As a gym owner, keeping your members on top of their payments – and giving them the right resources to do so – is key. Once members start falling behind on payments, its can be a slippery slope to get them back on track. Today’s gym members are used to top-of-the-line convenience and are looking for easy-to-use payment systems. One of the best solutions on the market is an automatic gym payment management system. This solution (like the one from Paramount!) allow gym members to securely schedule recurring payments, keep tabs on their membership plans, and make up past-due payments. 

Thinking of getting started with an automatic gym payment management system? Here are a few key features to look for:

24/7 service: While most members will make their payments via online payment systems, some need more insight and help. This is why gyms need IVR (aka automated voice call service) that are available 24/7 for customer service issues. 

Automatic retries: We’ve all been in a situation where our card doesn’t go through right away. If one of your members has automatic payments set up but there is a glitch on one side, it doesn’t always make sense for a collection request to be issued right away. Your automatic gym payment management solution should be able to automatically retry a payment if there is an issue. 

100% member-led account control: If there’s one thing digital consumers expect, it’s complete control over their online assets. When it comes to managing their gym memberships, consumers should have the ability to update their information, including credit card and addresses, from any secure browser. 

An efficient internal workflow: You hire employees to be on the floor talking and working with members, not to be stuck in the back crunching numbers and hunting down payments every day. For your gym to run efficiently, you need to invest in solutions that help keep employees where they need to be. 

Multi-channel collections: Sometimes, an email just isn’t enough. Members sometimes need a few, let’s say, nudges before they finally make their payments. This means phone calls, notices, and even physical letters might be needed to break through. 

Detailed analytics and reports: As with any business process, the only way to know for sure that your member payment and collections process is working is by tracking detailed insights and analytics. Keeping tabs on outstanding accounts also means you can report members to credit bureaus if need be. 

Complete security and compliance: Modern compliance laws are incredibly thorough and well executed. With so many stories of security breaches and hacks, consumers are notoriously wary of who they share their private details with. Look for a platform that is PCI-DSS compliant to ensure all of your member’s payments are safe, secure, and confidential. 

Skip tracing: Unfortunately, some members that are late on their payments can’t be found or contacted. When this happens, your gym payment management software provider should be able to track these people down and ensure payments are made in full. 

Want to learn more? Get an in-person look at Paramount’s automatic gym payment management solution here.

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