7 Spring Break Promotions Your Gym Should Offer

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

Certain times of year are prime for gym promotions, and Spring Break is one of them. It’s coming up fast, so now is the time to think about promotions you can offer and start marketing them. Try some or all of the seven Spring Break promotions on this list to reach out to previous, current and new members.

1. Pre-Spring Break Promotion

Encourage people to get their bodies ready before hitting the beach for Spring Break. This means marketing to them in advance with a pre-Spring Break promotion, letting them know how you can help them slim down and tone so they’ll look their best in a bikini or board shorts on vacation.

2. Offer Upgrades

Promotions don’t only need to focus on getting new members. You can also aim to retain your current members and get them to upgrade. You could offer a free upgrade to another level of membership, a free personal training session or another bonus during Spring Break, encouraging members to continue with the upgraded service after the break ends. If you don’t want to give something away for free, offer a discount instead.

3. Spring into Summer

Spring Break is the perfect time to get people thinking about their summer bodies. After all, it takes time to see results, so people need to start working out before summer hits. Consider a promotion that focuses on the theme of starting now to be “beach body ready” by summer.

4. Bring a Friend

When people are out of school or work during this break, it’s an ideal time to get them checking out your gym. Encourage your current members to bring a friend or a group for free during Spring Break. You could also market to the broader community and offer a free day or week. Reach current members through email and social media, and target new people through your website, social media and local marketing efforts.

5. Create a Special Program

Design a special such as group training sessions or group HIIT exercise classes that are targeted to getting fit quickly. You could offer a group like this to help people get ready for Spring Break or to make the most of their time during Spring Break. You’ll help people focus on their immediate goals, and then you can follow up to target long-term goals.

6. Run a Spring Flash Sale

Try a flash sale, which provides a deep discount if the customer signs up within an allotted period of time. The person could get the discount for the month of March or for the spring season before reverting to the regular membership price.

7. Come for a Day and Stay

Offer a promotion that’s focused on converting visitors into long-term members. Make it easy for people to try out your gym for free for a day or month. Have a plan to ensure a positive experience during their stay, and make it clear and easy for them to sign up for a membership—don’t leave them hanging or wondering about next steps. Tell them everything that’s included with a membership, focusing on classes, trainer sessions and other services and amenities offered by your gym. Overall, provide a good user experience both in terms of using the gym and signing up for a long-term membership. 

Don’t forget to keep track of your promotions and your new members. Gym management software can help with this, as it makes it easy to track your marketing efforts and how they’re paying off. It will also help you manage new and ongoing members after your Spring Break promotions end.