7 Communications You Should Be Sending Gym Members

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Gyms and health clubs are interesting anomalies. On one hand, the entire purpose of gyms themselves are to provide a single place where people can go to work out within the four walls. On the other hand, gyms are also a place where people want to meet people and form a community that lasts outside the confines of a gym. This enigma is readily apparent in gym communications, which should successfully toe the line between updates and alerts about what’s going on inside the gym and tips and best practices for living life outside the gym. 

Here are 7 communications gym owners should be sending to both current and prospective gym members:

  1. Motivational content: Gyms should be inspiring and motivational. Even if you have hundreds of members, your team can still help people reach their health goals and lead healthy lifestyles with motivational content. Posting a motivational quote on your social channels or sending out a quick email if your member list is smaller is a great way to stay top-of-mind and assert your gym as a partner in a longer wellness journey. 
  2. A monthly newsletter: Monthly email newsletters are a great form of communication for gyms because they are infrequent, include tons of content, and usually work equally as well with new and prospective members. Newsletters can contain new class announcements, promotions, trainer spotlights, motivational updates, and more. Plus, sending your newsletter every month is a good frequency to stay relevant but not to overwhelm member’s inboxes.
  3. Upcoming events: This is a key piece of communication because it’s actually important and will be one that members look forward to seeing. Event announcements work well through email and social media and can be as easy as a list of dates and times or as expansive as an invitation. Giving your members a heads up about when ‘free class day’ or ‘full-body circuit class’ take place will work wonders for member satisfaction. 
  4. Meet the trainer(s): Hiring on a new trainer, especially one with a specialty or focus, is the perfect time to send out a note to your entire member population. You can highlight the trainer’s background, their interests, and what classes they’re going to be involved with. These notices also work well with prospective members, as they can give a taste of what’s to come. 
  5. Current promotions: It’s important to stay up-to-date on your promotion communications for a few reasons. First, promotions can bring new members in the door, so you want them to be as timely as possible. Next, it’s a nice gesture to let current members know about any promotions in case the gym will be a bit busier in the upcoming weeks. And finally, promotions are a great shareable piece of content that works perfectly on social media. 
  6. New class announcements: If you’re adding a new class or training session to the calendar, let the people know! Simply sending out a quick email detailing the new class, the time, trainer, and a brief overview of the class will definitely help get more people on the floor. This also goes for announcements that let members know if a class was canceled or postponed. Be as timely as possible for a better member experience. 
  7. Member Spotlight: This is more of a fun communication, but it really hones in on the community and friendship aspect of a gym. Highlighting a member in your monthly newsletter or posting a weekly social media series on different members helps give a ‘face’ to your gym. It can humanize your operation and let others – both current and prospective members – understand what they’re getting in to by joining your operation. 

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