5 Tips That Will Improve Your Gym’s Website Immediately

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When you run a gym, you have a lot to manage between on-site operations, administrative duties and marketing. While you need to put a lot of focus on bringing in new customers and tweaking your facility to help them stay, don’t forget about your gym’s website.

It’s not just a business card that you’re obligated to have in case someone tries to find you. Instead, a website is an important tool that can help you with your top goals of finding new customers and keeping the ones you have.

To maximize the potential of this marketing tool, follow these 5 tips to quickly improve your gym’s website.

Tip #1: Help People Find It

Your website won’t help you attract new members if it doesn’t come up high in the search results when people do a Google search for gyms in your area. This means that putting in tons of effort on your website won’t matter if no one can find it, so you need to put some of your focus on improving your gym site ranking.

Boost this by adding relevant keywords that people would likely type in to find your gym and by following Google’s tips for optimizing your site’s SEO. Apart from what you do directly to your website, you can aim to increase traffic to it through content, ads, external links directed to your website and social media.

Tip #2: Improve the Quality

Show visitors that you’re a legitimate business that stands ahead of the pack by focusing on the quality of your website. Include crisp, top-quality images, font, colors and graphics. Every feature should fit your branding, whether the focus is on fun, having the best body or a certain demographic. Have your copy written by a pro to fit your audience, and follow best practices for design.

Tip #3: Include Your Class Schedule

People don’t just want your contact information when they go to your gym website. Many visitors will want to know your schedule of classes, training sessions and other gym activities. This feature will encourage new visitors to come to your gym and will make it easy for current members to have real-time information. 

Your website schedule should be up-to-date, and your website will give an even better user experience if you allow people to easily register for classes or trainer sessions online. Gym management software can help you set up and manage these features.

Tip#4: Make It Mobile-Friendly

People want to be able to check your website and engage with your gym straight from their phones. You’ll deter these interactions if you make it difficult for people to use your website from their phones and other devices. The key is to make the website responsive so it looks and functions well from any device. As a bonus, making your site mobile-responsive helps it rank better in search engines.

Tip #5: Encourage Interaction

Your website is an ideal way to interact more with your members and thereby improve member satisfaction. There are many ways you can do this. For example:

  • Add a blog so you can educate members about fitness and give them a better sense of your gym’s brand
  • Add relevant calls-to-action and links so visitors always know how to take the next step when they’re reading about something
  • Give site visitors clear ways to contact your gym
  • Link to your gym’s social media pages

Put these tips into place to quickly improve your website. Changing your website can give the amazing benefits of attracting new members and retaining satisfied members, which are the ultimate goals of any gym, right? 

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