5 Questions to Ask Your Current Gym Software Provider

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

Gym software is a key element in the level of success of your gym. But just because you have gym software doesn’t necessarily mean you should check it off your list and move on. It’s worth considering whether you have the best software for your gym’s needs and to help you move forward into new levels of success. Is your current gym software provider working for you? 

Here are five questions for you to ask to find out:

Question #1: Can I get real-time information on my gym?

The best gym software should provide you with important information in real-time. This means updated class schedules and trainer availability for your members, updated schedules for your employees and real-time information for gym owners on member activity such as popular classes and busy time slots.

Question #2: How does this software help me compete with other local gyms?

Your software provider should be able to list key features that can help you keep up with the fitness industry and get ahead of the competition. This can include such features as allowing members to pay online and set up automatic payments, helping you personalize your online gym experience and giving members and employees the ability to see, book and track available class and trainer time slots online.

Question #3: What kinds of metrics will I learn about my gym?

Find out which metrics the software tracks and how it provides the information to you. For instance, beneficial software may track member engagement, class popularity, member retention, and other important information. 

  • Will you receive a user-friendly interface with this information and the ability to generate reports?

Question #4: Will this software cover all aspects of my gym?

This question will help you determine whether the software is the be-all-end-all software you’ll need or whether you’ll need to use it along with other types of software. Ask follow-up questions on the exact features it provides: 

  • Does it only track membership? Does it only track employees? 
  • Is it general to all businesses or specific to gym/health club businesses? 

The software that will best fit your needs is an integrated software system that includes these many aspects in one, as well as a system that’s focused on gyms rather than being general to any type of business.

Question #5: How will this software help me maintain and grow my business?

Growth is important to any business, and sustaining membership levels is essential to the gym business that’s notorious for high turnover of members. Effective software can help you with these aspects of running a gym business: 

  • How will your current software help? 
  • Does it provide features that improve the member experience and help retain membership, such as allowing online payments and helping you personalize your online gym experience? 

And ask about what it does to help your business grow: 

  • Does it help you track your marketing efforts and your leads? 
  • Does it give you key metrics that help you understand the current state of your business and areas for improvement?

An effective integrated software system can provide these benefits.

If you ask your current software provider these questions and don’t get the answers you’re looking for, consider whether another software company can better fit your needs. Paramount Acceptance provides gym-focused software that helps you track all aspects of your business, maintain membership and grow your gym. 

Set up a personalized consultation to ask Paramount Acceptance these important questions and any other questions that are relevant to your particular business.