5 Healthy Reasons Members Need Gyms Right Now

by | May 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

As health clubs have been opening, a new hurdle that some gym owners are facing is the uneasiness that members are feeling to return to the gym. Although extensive health restrictions have been put in place some members are still leery of the gym. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 healthy reasons members need gyms right now. You can use this list to remind your members why it’s important to work out at your gym during this time.

These five health benefits are great to keep in mind for yourselves as gym owners and to share with your employees and members. This information can help get everyone to start focusing on their health again and start to get ready for when your gym is able to reopen (or want to come back if you’ve already reopened).

Builds Up the Immune System

Of course, a healthy immune system is important as we all try to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, or to rebuild after recovering from it. Fortunately, one of the benefits of exercise is that it gives the immune system a boost. Consistently engaging in moderate exercise provides benefits to the immune system, and while some have thought that vigorous exercise may make the immune system vulnerable, research has found that idea to be mostly unsupported. A couple of immune system benefits of exercise include helping the system handle pathogens and slowing immune changes from aging.

Helps with Depression and Anxiety

The disruption of everyday life, financial difficulties, a lack of social support, uncertainty about the future and other factors of the pandemic and quarantine could contribute to mental health concerns like anxiety or depression. This is another way that exercise can help. Research has found that exercise can reduce depression and anxiety symptoms and potentially keep them from returning. 

Some of the ways exercise helps mental health are that it releases feed-good brain chemicals, provides a healthy coping strategy and gives something else to focus on instead of negative thoughts and worries. Any physical activity or exercise could provide this benefit.

Helps Build a Routine

During this quarantine, many people are finding that one day melds into the next and it’s hard to keep track of things. But having a regular workout routine can help you keep better track of your days and weeks. It can help to decide on a workout time that works for your life and one that you’ll be able to stick to, and then encourage yourself to follow it regularly. You have the option of having a daily workout or workouts a few times per week.

Improves Sleep

It may be hard to sleep as worrisome thoughts and an irregular schedule interfere, but exercise can help with sleep. Research has found that it both helps people fall asleep faster and have better quality sleep. In particular, moderate aerobic exercise has been associated with more deep sleep that helps the body rejuvenate. But keep in mind that exercising too late can keep some people awake, so follow what works best for you.

Improves Overall Mood

Beyond specifically helping anxiety and depression, exercise can boost overall mood. There are many factors that impact mood, and workouts help many of them. These include brain chemicals, immune system chemicals, sleep patterns, reduced stress and more. General physical activity, aerobic exercise and strength training can all help.

Whether your gym is still trying to keep your members engaged from home or you’re working on reopening, these health benefits are great to share with your members. You can let your members know how exercising and your gym can help them improve their mental and physical health and wellness during this difficult time.