5 Considerations When Purchasing Gym Management Software

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Uncategorized

We’re living in a digital era, and gym owners are taking notice. While gyms and health clubs are definitely more exciting than most businesses, they are still businesses at heart and they need to be run as such. This is why things like data, payroll, sales figures, scheduling, and timesheets are so important to ensuring a gym operates smoothly in today’s digital world. While previous generations relied on a separate platform for each one of these critical pillars of success, modern gym management software is streamlining the process to ensure gym owners have access to the data and information they need at the moment it’s needed.

Here are a few of the top considerations gym owners should take into account when investing in a new gym management solution:

  1. A completely integrated gym management experience. Just because a gym doesn’t deal with technology on a day-to-day member basis doesn’t mean it should be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to operational management. Gym owners should take advantage of all the innovation and connectivity gym management software has to offer. This means finding a solution that seamlessly integrates all aspects of running a gym – billing, sales, schedules, contracts, collections, and more – in a single place for a full view of all gym logistics.
  2. An easy-to-understand real-time management dashboard. When all of a gym’s operational processes are managed from a single platform, gym owners can leverage a real-time dashboard to see exactly how a gym is performing at any given moment in time. From overhead costs to new membership rates to member feedback and reviews, a dashboard can pull together all relevant data points and give gym owners a true baseline to make better, more informed strategic decisions.
  3. The privacy and security of all protected information. While the modern digital era is great from an innovation and customer experience perspective, it also means that a ton of protected information (names, addresses, credit card numbers, and more) are being shared online every day. For modern gyms with automated payment plans and billing processes, making sure member data is safe is a top priority. A gym management solution should ensure the privacy and security of all protected data for both members and the gym itself.
  4. A full view of the entire membership lifecycle. The success of a gym hinges completely on its members and how these members are engaging with the brand. From attracting new members through marketing campaigns to signing new member contracts to creating long-lasting member loyalty. The membership lifecycle can be full of ups and downs. By tracking every single point in this lifecycle in the same gym management platform, gym owners can work to increase new memberships while proactively creating loyal members in the process.
  5. The tools necessary to manage the logistics and operations of a gym. While a gym requires the same resources and solutions as other businesses, there are plenty of issues and situations that are unique to the fitness industry. An industry-specific gym management solution must address these logistic needs – such as class scheduling and training calendars – while still providing a high-level look at operations and business management.

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