4 Free Ideas You Can Implement Today to Optimize Your Gym

by | May 7, 2020 | Uncategorized

Most likely as a gym owner, you have the desire to improve your gym’s operations. But you may feel held back by a lack of a budget to go toward this goal. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t keep putting this off, as improved operations are integral to your gym’s success. Instead, start trying these free methods ASAP. No budget required.

Idea #1 – Use Free Tactics for Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are an important part of your gym running smoothly and being successful. Yet you don’t always have to spend money on this area. One free method is to put effort into gaining traffic organically on social media. For example, post YouTube videos of your trainers, share helpful content, talk about trends and run contests or other methods of engagement. You can also create a health-focused community on your website or through a private social media group. Also, encourage current members to spread the word about your gym and bring a friend on certain days.

Speaking of current members, focusing on retention provides better results than the churn of losing members and bringing on new ones. Instead of putting too much effort or money into advertising your gym, focus more time on retaining members, which can be free. Do this by keeping your gym clean, asking members how you can improve, creating a community (in-person and online), and making tweaks to the schedule and flow of the gym to improve their experience.

Idea #2 – Better Utilize Your Gym Management Software

This step assumes that you already have gym management software included in your budget. If you have this kind of software and you want to optimize your gym operations, make sure you’re using the software to the best of its ability. Otherwise, you’re wasting its potential. With it, you can digitize your paperwork, create and manage your gym schedule, track membership, track employee payroll and member payments, and do a whole lot more. Think about where your gym has room for improvement and see if your software would be able to help you with that.

Idea #3 – Evaluate if You’re Best Utilizing Your Space

If your gym is overcrowded at certain times, there may be a fix that can improve the flow and the satisfaction of your members. What you can do is see which parts of your gym are overcrowded. It’s often the case that one section is overused while other parts are empty. You can solve this by creating a different layout or offering classes or programs in another section to better spread people out.

Also, consider who is using the gym when it’s overcrowded and whether you can make a change. For example, if you have classes for a retired age group or stay-at-home mom group during peak after-work times, you could try moving those classes to a mid-day time slot so people leaving work can have full access to the gym during their preferred time slot.

Idea #4 – Create and Streamline Processes

Any business can turn into chaos without good processes and procedures. If your gym is lacking in this area, it’s worth taking the time to sit down and create some. If you already have them, see if some aren’t effective and could be improved. If you need help, you could always look for examples in books and online that you can model. You should have processes related to onboarding members, retaining members, accepting payments and other areas so your entire staff knows how to handle different situations and all operations run smoothly.