4 Easy Marketing Tips to Increase Gym Memberships

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All businesses are constantly looking for new ways to grow and expand their customer base. When those businesses are gyms, fitness studios, or health clubs, growing customers means finding and signing new members. And, just like any other business would leverage a marketing strategy to grow customers, gyms must turn to a well-thought-out marketing plan to find, sign, and retain members. In fact, keeping new members coming through the doors can be even harder for gyms than other industries. With so much competition – not to mention the increasingly short attention spans of modern consumers – gyms have to work twice as hard to sign new members and keep them coming back. 

Here are four easy marketing tips your team can implement to increase gym membership:

  1. Member retention communications: The first step in growing any business is keeping your current customers happy. After all, satisfied customers – aka your current gym members – are the best advocates for your gym. Sending out pre-scheduled communication and engagement campaigns can keep your current members satisfied. From birthday emails to social media campaigns to text messages reminding members of upcoming payments, sending out retention messages can help keep your gym top-of-mind while ensuring your members feel special.  
  2. Custom promotion campaigns: Another way to attract and retain new customers is with customized promotion campaigns. Building custom campaigns starts with collecting data on your current and prospective members. What are they looking for in a gym? What kinds of classes are they interested in? What messaging resonates well with their demographics? Once you have this data in place, you can start to build campaigns across multiple channels (email, social, digital, etc.) using this data. So, people who are interested in yoga classes will see ads for yoga classes at your gym. 
  1. Flyers and posters in the community: While traditional advertising methods have taken a back seat to digital channels in the last few years, traditional channels still work when promoting a local business like a gym. If you’re a smaller, community-focused fitness establishment, advertising your gym at other local businesses can increase brand recognition and help your membership numbers grow organically. It just takes a few people from the community to join up and tell their friends for your gym to become the ‘local’ spot to work out. 
  2. Personalized utilization stats: Some of the biggest competitors for gyms isn’t other gyms at all, it’s social media and wearable fitness devices. Instead of trying to compete with these things, gyms can use them to their advantage with personalized utilization stats. By using key cards, fobs, or asking members to pre-register for high-intensity classes like spinning or pilates, gyms can track the utilization (aka active minutes) and fitness (aka calories burned) of members. Then, gyms can either email these utilization reports to members or have them available through an online, member-only portal. This is a great way for gyms to increase member’s satisfaction, attract new members, and stay top-of-mind with members throughout their entire fitness journey. 

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