3 Ways Your Gym Can Best Utilize Lead Management Software

by | Jun 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

Converting leads is one of the main ways for your gym to maintain healthy membership numbers. Of course, this process also includes finding and nurturing leads, so there are different stages to the journey. Lead management software makes it easier for your gym to manage the entire process. Here are top ways to use it:

1. Track New Leads

It’s hard to know whether your marketing efforts are having any impact, and which methods are working best, unless you track the results. Lead management software helps with this process.

Use it to track how new leads say they heard about your gym. This information tells you exactly which marketing efforts are working best and which ones aren’t leading to the best results. With this info, you can streamline your efforts and potentially save money on your marketing budget (or at least use that money more wisely!).

2. Nurture Leads

Your team will be able to better nurture leads from strangers to interested leads to new members by knowing exactly where those leads are in the process. Use lead management software to follow each lead and keep track of each interaction the person has with your gym’s team.

Here’s an idea of how it works:

  • You add a new lead to your system.
  • Each time a team member interacts with that lead, they add information to the system to note their interaction and the questions, answers and other info they covered.
  • Another team member can check the system and pick up right where the last interaction left off, which will help the lead feel understood and meet them where they are in the process. Your gym will have a much better chance of moving them that next step forward toward conversion.
  • You can check the system for leads that haven’t been followed up with or are ready for the next step toward conversion.

3. Automate Contact

Your team members have a lot on their collective plate, so it’s not always easy to keep up with every cold or warm lead. Despite your best processes, you might lose leads just because your staff couldn’t keep up.

This is where automating with your lead management software comes in. Your software can pick up the slack so leads stay on your gym’s radar and your team members can focus time where it matters most.

How does this play out?

  • You use your software to set up messages and nurture campaigns, such as emails, that are automatically scheduled to follow up with leads. For example, if a new lead sends your gym an email, they’ll receive an automatic response to keep them connected.
  • You can segment leads in your software to send them the right responses and nurture campaigns for where they are in their lead journey.

Try Targeted Gym Lead Management Software

Overall, lead management software takes a lot of the lead nurturing burden off your team so they can best focus their time and efforts. It can also ensure you keep track of each and every lead so you don’t lose sight of anyone and you keep each person moving through their own journey to membership.

Our PULSE Leads tool offers you these awesome benefits from a brand that focuses our software on gym and fitness businesses like yours. Plus, once someone is ready to sign the dotted line to become an official member, our lead management software simplifies the process of moving them to contract writing, so nothing stands in the way of membership.