3 Ways to Sell More Gym Memberships Through the Holiday Season

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Uncategorized

The holidays make a great time to sell gym memberships to boost the last quarter of this year and to get a head start on sales for the new year. Your business can aim to take advantage of the timing, as this is a season of giving and buying. There are different approaches you can take to selling gym memberships throughout the year, and here are some ideas for focusing on the holiday season that’s approaching.

Don’t Miss Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and its associated Cyber Monday are prime times for people to open their wallets and spend money on something for themselves or someone else. The key is to have a good deal or offer that makes people feel like they’re getting something special they couldn’t get at other times. This is the ideal time to offer a discount on membership or to throw in a freebie with the membership, whether it’s an extended time frame, a buy-one-get-one offer, a training session or class, or a gift from your retail offerings.

Traditionally, Black Friday is the ideal time to get people to come in person, while Cyber Monday is geared toward online offerings. Nonetheless, 2020 is a year of adapting, so you could think about what kinds of Black Friday offerings would work for your gym.

Focus on Gift-Giving

Since gift-giving is such a large focus of the holiday season, encourage gym memberships as great gifts. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Gear marketing efforts to the idea of memberships as gifts
  • Promote the benefits of a gym membership as a gift toward a loved one’s health
  • Create a gift certificate that makes a nice presentation for gift-giving
  • Create gift packages to go with the membership, such as decorative baskets with retail items

In addition to physical gifts, people can hand to the recipient, give an e-gift option that makes it simple to send a membership gift online.

Add a Charitable Spin

The holidays have a spirit of giving, which makes it an ideal time for charitable activities. This year, in particular, there are many opportunities for helping others. You can turn charitable activities and events into chances for selling gym memberships. Since gyms were hit particularly hard by coronavirus restrictions this year, not all gyms will have the capacity to give too much help. Nonetheless, you can adapt the spirit of giving to fit wherever you are. For example, some opportunities will require your gym to contribute while others can encourage contributions from community members.

Use whatever you decide to do as an opportunity to connect with leads that you can contact about membership offerings. Some opportunities will get people into your gym while others will put your name in their minds. Here are some charitable ideas:

  • Be a drop-off spot for holiday collection drives, such as a toy drive
  • Host or sponsor a fundraiser or charity-focused event
  • Run a charity bootcamp or exercise program
  • Donate a membership or gift to a charity event
  • Run or participate in a health fair
  • Offer a freebie or discounted membership for showing proof of a charitable donation to the charity of a person’s choice

The holiday season is a perfect time to go after membership sales. People may be open to memberships as gifts for their loved ones or for themselves. Also, people have thoughts of holiday weight gain and New Year weight loss goals in mind. We hope these three methods can help your gym sell more memberships this season, and feel free to share your own methods that have worked.