3 Things Consumers Want From Your Gym in 2020

by | Nov 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

Gym consumers and members have always been a notoriously tricky audience. People will always want – and need – to work out, but how and where they do this is continually changing. Fads and trends are a huge driver of what gym members are looking for and, unfortunately, for many gyms, these trends are changing constantly. From Cross Fit to hot yoga to Pilates, gyms will never really be able to deliver everything to everyone. 

So, instead of trying to cast a wide net, modern gyms are turning the focus inward to deliver on the experience of belonging to a gym instead of constantly trying to offer the newest and trendiest classes. 

Here are three non-negotiable things that consumers want from gyms in 2020, no matter what services they offer:

1: Flexibility

This is the number one thing members are looking for from gyms for a reason. For so long, joining a gym always came with certain ‘caveats’ that members weren’t even really aware of. Hard-to-understand cancellation policies, randomly allotted class packages, and intimidating spaces were the name of the game, but not anymore.

Consumers are looking for – and requiring – flexibility from gyms in every sense of the word. From flexible payment schedules to class packages that don’t expire to convenient schedules and hours, members are looking for it all. And for gym owners, this discerning outlook from members is a good thing. Gyms can start by making their offerings more accessible and available to member audiences instead of trying to fit in or change offerings based on trends.

2: Transparency

Gym members are also looking for transparency from gyms in 2020 and beyond. Let’s say your members pay a flat monthly fee to use your gym. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tell them how long they spent working out during the month? Or how many classes they attended? Or how many calories they burned? All of these insights are available if gyms know how to capture them. 

Data and metrics are the new frontiers of gym management, and the time is finally here to capitalize on this availability. Consumers already expect this level of transparency from other industries and businesses, so it only makes sense that gyms are following this natural progression.

3: Community

Today’s gym members and consumers are joining gyms for multiple reasons. They’re looking to stay healthy, to get in shape, to lose weight, yes, but they’re also looking to join a group of like-minded people who are there to motivate and celebrate alongside them. 

There are now more resources than ever to help gyms create a sense of community for members both inside and outside the four walls of your business. Social media is a great first step, but events, newsletters, and parties are also helpful and exciting. Creating this community will also help establish the tone and message of your gym, which will make attracting and retaining members easier.  

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