3 Software Features You’re Probably Missing Out On

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Uncategorized

As we near the end of 2019, gym owners have started to realize the power of digital innovation and automation. More and more gyms are offering online services to members as a way to differentiate from the competition and deliver amazing membership experiences. Whether or not your gym is using gym software to provide value to members and streamline internal operations, there are always new and exciting features hitting the shelves that it’s important to know about. 

If you’re looking to innovate further in 2020 or just want to know what else is out there for gym owners, here are three gym software features you’re probably missing out on:

  1. A centralized, automated source of truth. 

Owning and operating a gym is not unlike trying to juggle multiple plates, pins, and balls at the same time. With so many pieces in the air, it’s no wonder things slip through the cracks every once in a while. Many gym owners rely on multiple software solutions to manage the day-to-day activities of their gym, from keeping machines working to scheduling classes and instructors to payroll activities. Instead of having to check in with every single one of these individual solutions, look for a single gym-focused dashboard that combines all of the top-level information from across your gym in a single source of truth. 

  1. A secure, member-first payment process.

Gym membership payments, fees, and collections are notoriously difficult to maneuver for the typical gym member. Contracts are never fully transparent, and for many people trying to leave a gym is like trying to leave the country. As the gym industry changes, becomes more crowded and starts to compete with on-demand services for consumers, gym owners are looking to make it easier for members to make payments and manage their memberships. If you’re looking to innovate your processes in 2020, look to automation, on-demand payments, and a fully transparent payment center to really make a difference for your members. 

  1. A predictive, innovative way to schedule classes.

For most gyms, setting a schedule means figuring out when instructors are free and setting times that way. Member wants and needs tend to get pushed to the wayside when it comes to schedules. But what if you knew what your members wanted – even if they didn’t tell you directly? New predictive gym software solutions make it possible to track member decisions – when they come to the gym, what classes are most popular, what instructors are most popular, and more – and use this insight to schedule classes and gym offerings. Instead of guessing at member preferences, gym owners can use digital technology to know for sure. 

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