3 Questions to Ask Your Gym Management Software Provider

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By now, most gym owners realize that they need some sort of software to help streamline operations and ensure their business remains profitable and in the green. When it comes to implementing this software, however, gym owners and managers might have a few more questions. After all, choosing a gym management software provider is no small investment. Finding the right software vendor and having access to the right information can make a huge impact on the success of your company. 

As you’re doing your research and weighing gym management providers, here are three big questions to ask to ensure you’re making the right decision: 

Question #1: Does this platform manage the entire membership lifecycle?

There are plenty of gym management systems out there. Although many aren’t built specifically for the health and fitness industry, gym owners can make them work in a pinch to manage a single aspect of the business. The best gym management platforms, however, and the ones that are most well suited for gyms and health studios are the ones that are built from the ground up for the needs of gym owners. This means that instead of having one system for membership sales, one for billing, and one for scheduling, everything is managed in a single location. Ask your gym management software provider about the different features of the platform and how they impact a member’s relationship with your gym. A new platform should positively impact membership engagement at every step of the process.  

Question #2: Can all of our disparate systems be integrated? 

That being said, there are always going to be multiple software platforms involved in the day to day management of a gym. Outside of member-facing solutions, there are multiple systems that can be extremely important for your day to day operations. As you’re comparing gym management platforms, ask your software provider about integration and connectivity. Gyms health studios are starting to be managed more like businesses, and the most high-performing businesses rely on integration to streamline operations and keep everyone on the same page. 

Question #3: Can we grow and expand functionality as the gym scales?

At the end of the day, gym owners invest in programs like gym management software to grow their business and increase profits. While managing members and keeping tabs on different facets of the business are great places to start, growing and scaling the operation is the ultimate goal. If you’re just starting to look at gym management platforms, your team might not need every single feature of a platform. But you will probably need this kind of functionality down the road. Talk to your gym management software provider about adding new functionality and growing on a platform as your gym scales. The best platform will be the one that can help get your business off the ground and keep your gym successful long-term. 

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