3 Promotions That Can Safely Increase Membership Sales

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

Now that our society is learning how to reopen with a new normal focused on safety, it’s time to encourage your members to come back to the gym (and to go after some new members). How can you increase attendance if members have grown accustomed to digital workouts or are unsure about safety in the gym? Think about trying one or more of these three promotions.

1. “Spot the Cleaner” Social Media Contest

Run a contest for members and guests to enter on your gym’s social media. Make the focus on spotting Covid-19 safety measures within the gym. You could focus on a specific action, such as posting pictures of the gym being cleaned or having a contest to choose the best mask design. Or you could make it broad, encouraging people to share any safety precaution they see.

This method will show members and potential members the precautions your gym is taking and make them feel safe to return. It will also encourage them to carry out safety measures of their own.

Try a hashtag to fit your contest, such as #spotthecleaner, #gymsafety or #safetycheck. Participating in the contest, such as sharing a photo on social media, will mean entering to win the prize of your gym’s choice. It could be a gift basket–whether it includes swag from your gym or a basket you buy–or some other gift, such as gift cards or a free training session. It’s up to you. One type of swag that fits the times is a custom water bottle, since the water fountain will generally be off-limits.

2. The Big 10

A common business promotion is to offer a reward when a customer has reached a certain number of products or services. For example, after 10 pizzas or oil changes, customers get one free. Who doesn’t like a freebie?! You can do the same type of promotion for your gym. It can create loyalty and encourage members to continue to visit so they can get the reward. Rather than offering free membership for any length of time, consider a promotion where a member receives a free swag bag for every 10 classes, training sessions or gym visits. 

The swag bag or basket can include the same kinds of items suggested for the “spot the cleaner” contest giveaway.

3. Promote the Social Side of the Gym

People have been flocking to online workouts and at-home exercise machines while stuck at home, so your gym may find it challenging to bring some of these members back to the gym. But the gym can offer something people are desperately missing: person-to-person companionship. With proper precautions, people can enjoy the company and camaraderie of others.

Promote safe social interaction, such as socially distanced classes, trainer sessions with masks, and bring-a-friend or meet-other-members events. You could come up with different ways to promote social interaction, such as a free week for a friend, an invitation to a new socially distanced class or a discount on a trainer session. The type of promotion is up to your gym’s situation and goals.

Try these promotions to get your members back to the gym, and to attract some new members. The key is to focus on what the gym can offer, such as in-person social interaction, while showing the precautions your gym is taking to keep everyone safe. Use your promotions to encourage safety, loyalty and socially distanced interactions. You’ll be turning a difficult situation into an opportunity to promote your gym and get everyone back to their fitness routines. 


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