3 Helpful Reports To Use After You Reopen

by | Jun 2, 2020 | Uncategorized

As your gym transitions back to this new normal, it is important to track, organize, and evaluate all of the information that your gym has gathered since reopening. To help you manage all of this data, we have identified 3 reports that we feel will be the most helpful for owners and managers during this rapidly changing time.

VISIT DETAIL REPORT – This report shows a detailed list of all member visits within a selected date range. This report will be helpful to identify which members are actively using your club and how often. It also will help you identify more popular times and days of the week so you can make needed adjustments to employee and cleaning schedules.

EXPIRED / CANCEL SERVICE REPORT – This report shows all services that have been canceled or will expire between the selected dates. As gyms have opened some members have canceled because of fear of returning. Understanding which members are canceling their services is important because it gives you a real idea of how well your business is doing. Likewise, knowing which members are about to expire is important because you can make plans to engage them.

NEW CUSTOMER LISTING DETAIL – This report displays all new customers that are joining your gym. Gyms around the country are finding that many people are eager to join a gym. This report will help you identify how many people are joining, when, and which employees are signing them up.

For more information on these and other reports that can help your business during this time please contact your client service representative or contact our sales team today!