3 Gym Management Software Budgeting Tips

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Uncategorized

No matter the size of your gym, what kind of members you attract, or even what kind of workouts you offer, your team has probably invested in gym management software. 2020 is shaping up to be a digital-first year for gyms and health clubs, making most management teams start to think about additional resources and solutions.

In thinking about staying with your current provider or making the switch elsewhere here are 3 important budgeting tips to consider. 

1 – Cheaper isn’t always better. This should be a pretty self-explanatory tip, but it helps to remember that cutting corners on software investment might mean you’re setting your gym up for failure. While this doesn’t mean that your team should look immediately for the most expensive tools, it should make you aware that a higher price tag might include extra benefits that could help your team in the long run. 

In-person training, extended support hours, customization, and personalized implementation are all things to look for if a platform is a bit higher than your budget. If these things are going to benefit your team, it could be worth the extra investment.

2 – Your new platform could take the place of multiple current tools. One of the best things about modern gym management software platforms is that they are incredibly innovative and expansive. As software becomes more advanced, platforms are able to address more facets of operations than ever before. 

Instead of having to make space in your budget for separate payment, sales, and scheduling tools, your new gym management can take the place of all three of these. So, as you’re building your software investment budget make note of all of your current tools to see what might be replaced.   

3 – Remember, the right software could help your team save money. At the end of the day, gym management software is designed to help your team operate on a higher level, be more efficient, and deliver better member experiences. If you’re achieving these goals, your team should be able to allocate resources more effectively and cut back on unnecessary spending. 

By looking at big picture ROI, your team can identify areas where a higher software investment might mean larger returns down the road.

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