3 Back to School Offer for Your Gym Members

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You don’t have to sell school supplies…or cater to students…to have a back to school promotion. Any kind of business can make this kind of offer work, including your gym. The back to school idea is similar to a holiday in that it’s a special time of year to attach to a promotion, so feel free to take advantage.

Most back to school shopping takes place during the first two weeks of August, which coincide with a typically slow time of year at the gym. This is a great way for you to beat that end-of-summer slump. At the same time, you can also promote back to school specials in September after kids are officially spending their time in classes again.

Here are three back to school offers to try with your own gym members and people you want to attract to your gym.

1. Run a Donation Drive

Offer to give your members something in return if they bring a donation of a school supply to your gym. For example, you could have them bring backpacks, pads of paper or writing utensils. Choose the specific supplies or amounts, or allow them to bring whatever they please. Let them know where you plan to donate these items, so your members can feel good about helping people as part of your gym community.

In return for a donation, offer members a free fitness upgrade or drink at the smoothie bar. Alternatively, you could make your donation drive part of a gym event. You could even market the drive in the community as a way to promote your gym’s do-good efforts and to encourage non-members to come donate for a free exercise session or some other incentive. This is a great way to bring new people to the gym and potentially gain new members.

2. Promote to Parents

Back to school offers don’t have to be all about the kids. This is an important time of year for parents as well, when their schedules are changing as their kids will be in school all day after a long summer off. Tap into the fact that parents may now have more time on their hands and finally have the opportunity to focus on themselves for a while.

You could lure these frazzled parents with self-care specials. Try sessions during hours when school is in session so free parents can stop by after dropping off or picking up their kids from school.

3. Incorporate the Kids

If your gym allows kids, consider after-school sessions as a promotion with time slots that fit when school lets out. You could promote that exercise will help kids improve their confidence and health while letting go of the stress of the school day.

Consider offering specialty classes for this time slot, such as parent and kid classes or kids-only classes. Just be sure to let people know age and other restrictions within your marketing. For younger kids, you could consider following the lead of gyms that provide sitters in a special room while the kids watch TV, do homework or even do light exercise. This is a great way for parents to work out after school while their kids are taken care of.

In the same way, don’t miss out on college-age students. You can promote back to school specials directly to this group, encouraging them to beat “the freshman 15” or to look and feel their best for the semester.

Back to school specials give an ideal way to tap into your audience during your preferred timing of late July, August or September. You can add the promotion to your gym scheduling tool to make the marketing process as simple as possible. Consider our three ways of promoting your gym this time of year or come up with your own creative school tie-in.

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