10 Things Your Members Can’t Get From a Home Gym

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

The pandemic brought many challenges to the gym industry, including getting members reliant on exercising away from the gym. Now that your gym is open to members, how do you turn people away from home gyms, outdoor exercise, and online fitness programs and back into your gym? At Paramount Acceptance, we recommend getting them to think about what a gym has to offer that they’re missing elsewhere. 

Here are some selling points of the gym experience:

1. A Variety of Machines and Equipment

A top benefit of a gym is that it offers many types of high-quality fitness machines and equipment far beyond what a home gym could offer. It would be nearly impossible, not to mention expensive and impractical, to have the same range of machines at home.

2. Fitness Classes

Members gain the excitement, accountability and energy of fitness instruction through an in-person class rather than working out in the living room. Plus, they get plenty of floor space and the right kind of flooring at the gym.

3. Hands-on Personal Training

It’s not the same to get personal training over the internet. It’s more effective to have a qualified professional see your position and guide you in person. Also, personal training in the gym adds that extra layer of accountability.

4. The Gym Environment

It’s nice to go to a place away from home where everyone is focusing on health and fitness. At the gym, you can enjoy the environment and everything it includes, such as friendship, fitness classes and motivation boards. Creating a welcoming, motivating, inclusive environment will make this factor more important for members.

5. A Refuge From Home

It can be beneficial for mental and emotional health to get away from home from time to time, and you may even need a break from constant interactions and tensions with your family. Heading to the gym can provide some much-needed space and time for yourself, and may help you return with a clearer head.

6. Social Comradery

One of the hardest things about the pandemic has been the loss of in-person social connections with others. Working out from home still doesn’t provide that, but a visit to the gym puts you in touch with a community of people while following safety guidelines.

7. Motivation

At home, it’s easy enough to skip the workout you had planned and be distracted by something else. Instead, going to the gym puts a focus on fitness and helps you stick to your goals.

8. Accountability

Even if you do get yourself to work out at home, it’s easy to put in a mediocre performance. You might not push yourself to the max or finish a full workout. A fitness class, personal trainer or just the environment at the gym can get you to put in that extra effort or do just a few more reps.

9. A Sense of Community

Gyms offer a place to meet up with like-minded people in the same community. They can offer a sense of belonging and also provide a hub for charitable efforts like fundraisers, collection drives or volunteering.

10. A Structured Schedule

At home, it can be simple to lose a firm sense of time and place, especially within a work-from-home life. The gym offers set time frames for classes or trainer sessions, which can help with scheduling fitness into a routine and adding structure to your day.

It’s easy to see from this list that gyms offer a lot of value. Share these benefits with your members or leads within your marketing efforts to encourage them to come to the actual gym.