Tanning Bed Software Solutions

Accurate tanning bed system management is crucial for any salon to operate smoothly. If you could conduct all your business from one program, you could streamline your processes and increase your profit. With Paramount’s tanning bed software, you get everything that a salon owner needs to efficiently operate a tanning salon.

Smarter Tanning

No matter the size of your tanning salon, or how many beds your facility owns, Paramount’s tanning bed software can address many issues concurrently, and provide data in one easy-to-use and understand interface.

Track Your Client’s Preferences

Our tanning bed salon software will keep electronic records of each client’s profiles and provide you with information to better serve each person who walks through your door. With the understanding your staff will have about each client’s preferences, you can better serve each client, personalizing each session.

Our software will track your client’s frequency of tanning, whether they bring eye-ware, and their waiver information. This will also prevent members from over-tanning by ensuring they space their sessions appropriately.

Facility Maintenance

From a single point, our software will enable you to see the workings of your tanning facility. It will track what beds are in use and advise upon cleaning schedules. Paramount’s system will allow you to set delays and start-time directly from the front desk. It will also track payment dates, amounts, and additional upgrade fees, so staying on top of your overall costs is easy.

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Tanning bed software for your small business from Paramount Acceptance.