Lead Management Software for your Gym

Chances are, no matter what size your gym or fitness center is, you’re always welcoming new members. These new faces keep your facility moving and excited. They are eager to engage,  signing up for new classes, personal training sessions and bring in other new members. But how do these new members find your gym over your competition?

Paramount Acceptance’s advanced software for gyms and fitness center has an advanced gym lead tool to help you manage and generate new leads. Our software gives your sales staff the power to contact leads and potential new members. With this program, they can speak to interested clients one-on-one, explain your services better and answer questions. Once signed on, our gym lead tool transfers the new member to your contract writer to make it official.

Generate Leads, Get New Members

Gyms and fitness centers are all about meeting challenges and creating new goals. If this year’s goal is increasing your new membership, look to Paramount Acceptance. We do the heavy lifting when it comes to our lead management software. As part of our all-inclusive dashboard, you won’t need much else to get through your day.

Increase your conversion rate with Paramount Acceptance’s gym lead tool and boost the power of your sales staff. Call 800.748.4949 for a free demo of our program. Be sure to ask us about the capabilities of our lead management software.

Paramount Acceptance offers a gym lead tool for your fitness center.