How Gym Management Software Can Help Your Business

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As the year comes to a close, gym owners and managers are looking for new ways to engage current members and increase new members sign-ups. During the traditionally down winter season (except, of course, the spike after New Year’s resolutions kick in), it’s time to take a step back and find actionable solutions to help grow your business. This is where gym management software comes in. If you’re like most gym managers, you didn’t get into the business to just work in an office or run paperwork all day. You need proactive, intuitive solutions that help you streamline internal processes and get things done faster so you can focus your time on the things that matter – your members.

Here are four ways industry-specific gym management software can help you grow your business:

1: It can help your team find new members and increase sign-ups

Your gym is all about your members, and regardless of how well your business is performing, you should always be trying to increase your membership. Unfortunately, this means wading through all of the ‘noise’ to find and engage potential members before they are snatched up by the competition. With a gym management platform, your team can manage, track, and increase new leads from the second they first engage with your gym to the moment they become a full member. Your team can be proactive about moving leads to new members by:

  • Identifying where the most leads are coming in (social media, member referrals, etc.) and increasing marketing efforts
  • Contacting leads in person and talking to them one-on-one to better explain your service offerings and answer any questions
  • Highlighting potential leads that went dark and creating a multi-pronged nurture program for continuous engagement

2: It helps create a streamlined process for new members to join the team

Once you have a potential lead singled out, it’s time to convert them into a new member in the easiest way possible. In today’s economy, this means giving new members the ability to sign up and manage their online account directly from their mobile device. With a dedicated gym management software solution, your team can build custom membership contracts and pricing plans that are available to new members from their desktop or smartphone. New members can pick and choose the features they want, such as personal training or spa access, and omit the ones they don’t to truly streamline the process.

3: It can lead to increased online reviews and visibility on social media

If you’re delivering members with more personalized service and better online resources through your gym management platform, they’re going to notice, and they’re going to tell their friends. We’re living in an extremely social world where people don’t even want to go to a restaurant unless they read what other people have said. By delivering better customer experiences and better online support services, you can proactively increase the chances of receiving higher online reviews and comments on social media. Additionally, understanding where your members are spending their time (aka on Facebook, SnapChat, or Yelp) can help you increase member outreach and engagement. Don’t be afraid to respond to customer comments or reviews on these platforms – being open and engaging with members actually increases the humanity and relatability of gym owners, and can increase member satisfaction.

4: It enables your team to make data-backed decisions to move your business forward

Gyms and fitness clubs operate just like any other business, which means gym owners and managers need business-focused solutions to help drive growth and profitability. With so many moving parts between members, employees, and your facilities, you need a way to accurately visualize how your business is performing and where it could use a little more work. Instead of manually gathering data around member utilization, staff performance, and equipment usage rates, a gym management platform seamlessly collects and aggregates this data in a single location for an easy-to-read overview of your business. Gym owners and managers can have access to:

  • Membership enrollment progress
  • Attendance rates and overall gym utilization
  • Sales and outreach activities
  • Class attendance rates
  • Facility updates and equipment health
  • … and more!

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling with innovative gym management solutions, then Paramount Acceptance is the answer you’re searching for. We’re proud to be an industry-leading gym management software provider dedicated to helping businesses work smarter and grow their membership base. Schedule your personalized demo with a dedicated account executive by calling 800.316.4444 or CLICK HERE to schedule a demo with a member of our sales team.

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash